Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Jitters

The night before the 'big day' ....... Every bride feels the pre-wedding excitement wrapped in anxiousness that can only be labeled 'the wedding jitters'. Now take that to an ultimate level with the knowledge that 2.5 Billion people will be watching you walk down the aisle, and it equates to a sleepless night.

Kate Middleton is about to venture not only into marriage, but a new and very public life as she weds Prince William. The media has remarked that Kate has had much 'guidance' over the recent months to prepare her for the event and changes. Thank heavens for that.

The Goring Hotel :: London, England

Kate and her family will spend the night before the wedding at The Goring Hotel, which has been noted as London's Top Luxury Hotel, and has the right to boast 'One Hundred Years, One Family'. Steeped in tradition and elegance, it is no surprise that the Goring has been selected as the home away from home for many Royals and celebrities.

Suites at The Goring Hotel

Bath in one of the suites at The Goring Hotel

The Royal Men.............. well, they are more accustomed to the public eye. William, in his maturity and calm sense of himself, will still likely feel the excitement and jitters that every groom feels.

The Royal Men :: A Prince and his Sons.

For any bride, the night before the wedding is the time to catch your breath and settle into a sense of calmness; if that is at all possible with the constant thought that the world will be watching your every move. With the strong likelihood of a constant hum of people hovering around the hotel for blocks, it's even more important that the Royal bridal party retreat to an oasis within their suites.

For all Brides ::
Surround yourself with people who add calmness, it's not a place for your nervous, fretful friend. Add a bit of bubbly............ a luxuriously warm bubble bath with a glass of champagne.

A massage therapist will be able to locate and dissolve the stress points that your body is wearing; and help with breathing techniques to assist you to sleep.

Pedi's and mani's are a must for the wedding party. It's a fun thing to share with your bridesmaids and Mother, and wonderfully relaxing.

When it's time to finally turn in for the night make sure that your room is dark and cooler rather than warm. Chose a distraction to the silence of the room (or outside noises) by putting your favourite playlist on your iPod; turn it on to a low volume setting in a free standing Pod player. Another option to block out sound and take you easily into slumber land is a white noise machine........... sure to do the trick.

When morning comes and you've slept more soundly than you imagined you could, you will be ready for your special day.

The Goring Hotel Breakfast
Make sure you start your day with long deep breaths......... and a breakfast with protein. Your nervous energy will eat through your body's insulin, take time throughout the morning to fuel your body.

The busy schedule of a Bride begins with hair styling and makeup application. Dab your favourite fragrance.......... the one he loves to nuzzle in at your neck. Wearing something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue, can be fun even if you are not traditional.

Have friends or your Mother assist you to get into your gown and shoes; this ensures that you do not accidentally get makeup on the dress. Your hairstylist should assist with your headpiece and veil.
For Kate Middleton it will mean a stylist who is experienced in securing a diamond tiara.

You are ready to go and enjoy your day. One last thing to do...... take a long look in the mirror directly into your own eyes, and know that you are about to make a commitment of love for life.
Now it's time to meet the man who has been tugging at your heart.......... and he is there waiting for you at the alter, with the same commitment of love.

LoVe is Glamourous...... if you just let it be.

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