Saturday, October 10, 2015


This weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada. 

With my grocery list in hand and my granddaughter helping me fill the shopping cart, it made me stop several times to give thanks during the process of preparation. Kya chattered about the delicious things she thought we should include in our Thanksgiving menu, already having her favourites and traditions. With every yummy item she added, I took the opportunity to talk about people who don't have all that we have.

My sister and I looking stylish at Thanksgiving (1963)

Throughout our grocery shopping we gathered food items that she would put in the food baskets for donation. I hold back the grocery store points collected and turn them over for the food bank - one store card for Thanksgiving, and the other points card is used for Christmas giving. Kya learned this yesterday, and she learned how important it is to give to others. Of course then she skipped along and talked about pumpkin pie; and that's fine, because she helped someone else skip along because they too will have a Thanksgiving dinner.


And like so many people, we will sit down with family to enjoy a full turkey dinner. It is a dinner of abundance that has an average consumption of 2,500 calories per person. And this is where I remind myself every time to pace it. There is always tomorrow, and left-overs are the absolute best.