Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Deck the Halls

I could easily skip Halloween and roll right into Christmas decorating mode.
I LOVE Christmas. The warmth and happiness that people have around Christmas. The gatherings of friends for a night out and a few bevies. The enormous dinners with days of preparation. The fun of watching the kids excitement over Santa. The wrapping paper, the ribbons, the decorating..............oh, the fun of decorating.
Last year I decorated for a local shop - five tree's, outdoor planters and several vignettes inside the shop. The addition of decorating clients outdoor holiday planters made the pain of not having our own house finished a little easier to digest. But this year........... it's our turn. This is our very first Christmas at Cardinal House and it will be my test run at the holiday decor. I'm a lucky girl because Richard steps aside and lets me play with the decor {although I might knock him over on the way to hanging a garland or two}.

Terra Nurseries

I decided to gather the greenery for the outdoor planters today and get some of the holiday prettiness started before the weather turns too cold. I'm really not a one stop shop kind of girl, preferring to gather special things from several spots to create the look I want. Today I stopped at Terra Nurseries where they were more than ready for Christmas and I got things started with the basic greenery for the planters.

Terra features a wide selection of prepared greenery baskets or the fixings to create your own holiday masterpiece. A large selection of poinsettia, cyclamen, and lemon cypress start the collection of fresh plants that mix so well with the glitz of Christmas decor.

'Frosty Fern' and poinsettia

Chalkboard inspiration from Terra Nurseries.

Traditional tones of deep red are popping up more than ever this Christmas, and for the first time in a long time I am loving the red accents.
Do you have a theme for your holiday decor? One colour or the whole rainbow? Tinsel or burlap trimmings? Whimsical toy-like decor, natural from the great outdoors, or sparkle all the way?  Share your decor plan for the holiday's and inspire us.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Day to Reflect

Quietly we stand together to pray and give thanks for those who gave everything for our freedom. 
We pray for Peace.

'Wait for me Daddy' - Claude de Dettloff

Red poppies for Remembrance. White poppies for Peace.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Start the Weekend

It's been a busy week, but it's time to get the weekend started. 

On the menu :
A girls day with my sister. Tap and ballet classes with my Granddaughter. A little grey root cover-up appointment with my stylist. Snuggled up in the media room for a movie or two with Richard. A bit of leaf raking. And a few rounds of the Frozen board game with our Granddaughter.

How about YOU? What's on your weekend menu?