Tuesday, July 29, 2014

K's adventures : FRESH - like laundry

Frank Plant

While I was at the teller counter processing my banking last week with my Granddaughter, K was busy chatting it up with one of the women who works there.When we were leaving and she was saying her goodbyes, K hugged the banker and said 'you smell like laundry'
The woman laughed and said 'well, I'll take that as a compliment'.
K said 'I like the smell of laundry'.

The honesty of a very observant four year old could have turned out much differently. 
Thankfully smelling like laundry is a good thing. 

Here's hoping your day smells fresh..... like laundry.

* this is the first in a new series on GB@H - highlights on K's wisdom.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cuteness Alert

I can't resist this picture of Prince George hanging on for dear life to his mother. Kate wears the glow that most mother's would feel when those chubby little arms embrace you a bit tighter. There is no better feeling in the world.

Tomorrow marks the first birthday of little Prince George, who along with his parents have caught the attention of the world. In an interview with Max Foster {CNN} Prince William said he and Catherine are excited, as most new parents are, to show their new son to the world. People can't help but compare as we do with most new additions to the family - 'he looks like his dad.... he has his mother's grin....'. Baby George is a pretty cute combination of both his attractive smiling parents.

The 'news' question this week has been 'what do you get a Prince for his first birthday?'  It's reported that his parents are giving him a wooden train set {ok, so pretty average like most of us}. There will be a discreet family celebration at Kensington Palace with his Great Grandmother noted as the guest of honour.
But the crew at Hangar8 {a UK private jet company} have a different idea on the celebration and repainted a Bombardier Challenger aircraft with a giant birthday wish. The aircraft was morphed into the largest greeting card by the design studio Andrew Winch. The price tag ? approximately $220,000 Cdn. Excessive? - think of it as a marketing campaign and the attention they will receive from the efforts. Pretty good value.

Here are a few of my favourite images of baby Prince George.

And the official first birthday portrait taken by John Stillwell, who was surprised at just how quick the new toddler was on his feet.
"He was walking towards me – I was kneeling down to take the picture and he was on top of me as soon as he started walking."

 Ready to explore..............

Happy First Birthday Prince George.

Ramblings about what's been going on...

I was clearing images off of my iphone {I have a HUGE library of pictures on the phone that needed serious editing/deleting} and thought it would be nice to share some 'other' things that have been going on around here.

We have had crazy rain storms this summer, it comes down in a wall of water. The heavy rain has been followed quickly by sunny skies and some intense rainbows. It was about two weeks ago that my Granddaughter and I were leaving the house and looked up to see a double rainbow. So on our journey I decided to take a detour and go to the shoreline to see the rainbow over lake Ontario. It was worth getting side tracked..........

Kya graduated from pre-school JK. The ceremony was perfect with each graduate wearing their own hand crafted mortarboard. Since she is only just turned four, she will begin full JK in the fall. I'm trying to figure out how we got to this point so quickly.

I enjoyed a quiet day by myself at Niagara-on-the-Lake. This has always been my tranquil spot to go to and think. I love to put the ipod on in the car for the hour and a half trek and then just wander when I get there.
The journey always includes a stop at a couple of nurseries, a fruit stand, and several antique shops. But what I love to do most is just park the car and stroll through the streets taking in the architecture of the houses and the gardens at each property. As many times as I've visited it always is changing and find something new each trip.
There is something about NOTL that gives me the chance to just breath and think.

All of the gardens in the area filled with full blooms ..... always - it's like they are on steroids. The soil and weather conditions in Niagara are the winning combination for the vineyards and the blooms. It was a riot of colour ..........

Prince of Wales Hotel - NOTL

transporting you to the wineries in style

Shaw Cafe - the most photographed spot in town.

Probably the most important thing that happened last week is the installation of Kya's craft center. She loves to paint, glue, colour and create. Sadly the artistic endeavors were put on hold the past month or two while we moved and tried to settle in the house. But I set up the desk area for her with a treasure trove of craft supplies that don't have to be packed up and moved every day.

Happiness is a new craft area.........

Whatever you are doing - Enjoy the day!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cardinal House - Progress

Excuse me while I step back in to the blog arena. Whew - I can't believe it has been a month since I posted on the blog..... life has been busy.

There are other stories I'd like to blog about, but I want to share a few images of the house updates first.

Front entry. Single door with side windows framed in black {inside and out}.

The mosaic tile {Tycos Tile in Toronto} in soft grey is framed with grey marble to create a welcome mat.

The hub of the house - kitchen and family room.

LOVE our new kitchen.

The double apron front sink by Franke.

Rubinet Raven taps.

Microwave door with a front finish that looks like drawers {so it matches the profile of the rest of the drawers along the space}. This is the perfect solution when you rarely use a microwave.

'The Winter' fireback via Firebacks.net A full blog post will be devoted to the installation of the fireback.
for installation details click here

Out on the lanai. Entrances from our master suite and the family room lead to the vaulted roof covered outdoor space.

The wood burning fireplace on the lanai will soon be complete and feature another fireback above the mantle.

Just inside the lanai door is our master suite. The arched roof line gives us the prettiest view of the tree's on our property.

An Angel adorns the wall in Kya's nap room.

We have many projects to work on ...... mirrors and sconces in the bathrooms, showers doors {thankfully the showers are big enough to use without a door}, landscaping and walkways are being planned, and of course there is always the prettiness of a home - pictures and soft touches throughout that take the most time to settle on.
As I sit and type this post I look around and feel comfortable in our new home. Maybe it was the extended time planning and dreaming that makes the rooms feel so right - maybe it's that the space is filled with love and family.
The Cardinal sat up on the fence today - it was my Granddaughter who noticed him first. He watched as we cut flowers from the limited front garden left from the construction. It was 14 years ago that the Cardinal guided me while I built my first garden and I know he is here every step of the way guiding me now.