Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome December

We don't have snow yet. This pretty picture is from our lawn two winters ago. December baby, in all of her charms, usually brings at least a dusting of snow and sometimes a beautiful blanket like this one. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eat My Words

About six years ago, a pretty robins egg blue hat box wrapped with taupe grosgrain ribbon was delivered to my office. The decorated box was pretty in itself, but the real surprise was inside....... delicious cupcakes. This was my first introduction to Eat My Words, a creative baked goods treat experience.

Jeanne Grierson is the founder, creative genius and the generous driving force behind the business of yummy cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Recipients of the elegantly presented treats are left speechless when they open the hatbox of delectable cakes. I discovered many times since that first experience, these delicious treats are the perfect gift for any occasion and are happily received by both women and men (everybody loves cake!).

Sasha cupcakes :: a perfect gift for anyone, anytime of the year. I love sending these cupcakes instead of flowers.

Eat My Words is a labour of love with profits assisting the Stephen Lewis Foundation (supporting community-based organizations that work to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa).
The mantra for the company is :: 'Eat My Words, where the predominant taste is kindness'. It is because of the hard work and kindness of Jeanne and her team that communities in Africa have benefited.

Confetti Cakes :: Celebrate the New Year

Custom cookies for Santa and the little elves in your life

GingerBread Cake House :: filled with cake or more cookies

Add a Monkey Biz creation to your Eat My Words treat

 Images generously provided by Eat My Words and Monkey Biz

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old Hollywood Style Fashion

No matter how you refer to this era of fashion :: Vintage Couture :: Old Hollywood Style Fashion, there is no mistake that the look is worth revisiting. This Dior gown is my all time favourite dress. Looking at this elegant gown I can hear the skirt whispering as I imagine it floating across the floor. And of course it would be an old wood dance floor where a big band is playing soft jazz. I was clearly born in the wrong era.

Dior Dress Dreams
Soft Romantic Elegance

The swish of a full skirt gown is the most incredible feeling to wear. You can't help but feel feminine and glamourous as the skirt floats with every step you take.

The Ultimate in Couture gowns

A wonderful combination of lace and taffeta.

I had the opportunity to briefly meet Penelope Cruz several years ago at a Film Festival event I was working on. She is charming, delicate, very sweet and she wears fashion with an incredible sense of romance added. Penelope has a wonderful style and she knows the charm of bringing back old Hollywood style dressing.

pictures shown above are not my own

A room fit for a Princess


Six months ago today we welcomed our new baby Granddaughter. She is by far the cutest baby in the world :: I know that most Grandparents would say that, but my Daughter literally gets stopped every time she is out with Baby K. She is like a little beam of light shining.

I had the pleasure of painting the nursery, and I stood in the little room and cried :: I was so excited and filled with joy at the thought of my first Grandchild coming into our lives. I will never forget the warmth in my heart as I stood and looked at the pretty mauve walls thinking of all the adventures yet to come for Kya.

My Daughter and I searched for the perfect things fit for a Princess and decorated the nursery together. And then she invited me into the labour and delivery room to share with my baby girl, the birth of her baby girl.

the sock drawer waiting for little toes to emerge

a colourful little friend

Happy Six Months Baby Kya. 
Congratulations to my beautiful Daughter :: you are a wonderful Mother.

You can never have enough frills

My first hug with Baby Kya

Our cute little Lady Bug

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Couture Design

I first met Couture Designer, Mark Belford while I was working for a magazine publisher. I was coordinating the logistics for a Toronto International Film Festival event that focused on Red Carpet Glamour. Mark's couture gowns were highlighted at the event and provided a sense of old Hollywood style and elegance. The models floated into the soiree draped in layers of chiffon and crystals.

Everyone who meets Mark falls in love with him right away and I was no different, he's become a good friend who I can chat with about anything. As a Couture Designer creative flair pours out of Mark's veins, and he has a wonderful sense of what makes a woman look and feel glamourous.

Since that first day when we met I've had the opportunity to work with Mark on many special projects. It always amazes me when he sits down to chat and begins sketching a new design or a picture of whoever happens to be sitting with him. He is passionate about designing beautiful dresses and has a good sense of what will make a woman feel elegant. Mark knows that it is the soft whisper of chiffon on a full length gown or the rustle of taffeta as she moves around a cocktail party that makes a woman feel 'dressed'.

White Italian Silk Chiffon adorned with Swarovski Crystal

The Swarovski company had the incite to know that Mark could create Couture designs incorporating their beautiful crystal jewels. Hand sewn pave crystals add a decadent elegance to the gowns; and honestly, what woman doesn't want sparkle.

Mark's signature red chiffon gown was featured on the runway at Toronto's Fashion Week in the Heart & Stroke - Heart Truth show. When model Monika Schnarre whirled the 14 foot chiffon train at the end of the runway there was a collective gasp in the audience. It was breathtaking. The ruched chiffon rosette gown was featured on the cover of FQ Magazine's Holiday Issue 2008 and remains to this day my favourite magazine cover of all time that we produced.

Glamour Begins At Home :: When you are feeling Glamourous, step out the door and show the world your beautiful self.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Chairs

A friend of mine, who is psychic, told me that she saw two chairs at the end of the dock; and that the chairs were there for Richard and I. She said we would be watching the sunset knowing that we would always being sitting side-by-side with one another.

We had only been dating a month and I was having trouble digesting the idea (especially after being single for 18 years). But somehow I knew in my bones that it was much more than just a romantic notion; and maybe after so many years on my own I was ready to believe in love again.

artist :: Benjamin Macdonald

So I had this picture put together by an artist friend and gave it to Richard for his birthday. The picture is framed and hanging in our bedroom. I think we both know when we look at the picture that we have a lifetime of heartfelt talks yet to share under the gaze of the moon.

As my Honey always tells me :: "Nothing is written".

And I know that together, everything is possible.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

ReBorn Chairs

We have two chairs that are from a family cottage with an early age of approximately 60 years ago. The truth is that the cottage and said chairs belonged to Richards former in-laws, and had been in his house for many years.
Thankfully his in-laws love me (as I do them) and they were thrilled to see the transformation of the chairs when I restored them. The chairs have incredible bones and graceful lines, with sturdy cane construction that is lined and cracked perfectly for the stain to penetrate in to.
Lightly sanded and generously stained cane brought out the beauty of the natural patina of the wood. Vintage inspired damask fabric in tone-on-tone chocolate brown brings back the charm to these solid built chairs.
New look, new home, new traditions as we have wine by the fireplace together.

Original chair 

Ta-Da !! Sixty years new.

TaLL Oaks Estate

Richard owned a beautiful home and property when we met. I remember the first time I drove up the to his house; I turned the corner off of a busy road and suddenly was under a canopy of tree's on a street that boasted a cottage like setting.
The French chateau style house is set back 265 feet from the road and the trek up to the house instilled in each visitor that they were about to venture into something very special. The original oak floors were preserved, the fireplace roared as it did back in 1941 when the house was originally built and character seeped out of the walls.

I was already charmed by 'the Man'; so discovering this beautiful spot and enjoying it with him was a bonus. We lived in the house together before he sold it :: and yes, I staged it, but truthfully it had the best bones you could ever hope to work with.
Tall Oaks Estate

It always felt magical walking up this drive
Pagoda made of Coconut wood :: most dense wood. This was the most perfect place to nap as the waterfall whispered around you.
One of three interconnecting ponds and waterfalls

Foo Dog is the topper on an Asian Horse Pole. The pole is approximately 10 feet high and now it is in an encased base and adorns Richards office.

That Special Space

I miss the office in our former home. The house was 'French Chateau' inspired style and I had a pretty office with built-in shelves that I decorated in black and white accessories.
We are on move number two now in our attempt to find the final 'home'. It's about character, it's about charm, it's like the man in my life................. worth the wait. And the wait is easier as we search for our home together.

 But I miss my French inspired style office :: pout........... pictures of my new office/dressing room to follow soon!

My office at Tall Oaks Estate

My office window. How did I ever get any work done.

Pink Peonies

To my beautiful Sister :: these are for you. Pink Peonies, as pretty as you are.

My Sister told me just the other day that her favourite flower is Pink Peonies. Again I was reminded why we are related, these beauties have a special place in my heart.

My first garden :: the one I dug out by hand and built with much effort :: had the most incredible pink peonies bush. It was robust and very happy in the spot where I planted it. 
All around the peonies were hydrangea, my favourite flower of all time. It's as if the hydrangea were surrounding the peonies, protecting them and highlighting their beauty like a good sister would.

Here's to you Sis.

Wish Beads

Komboloi Beads are used to relieve stress and pass the time; they are frequently referred to as worry beads. On a recent trip to Greece I was told by a local man that they are used to help keep your hands busy to stop smoking; he referred to the beads as 'wish beads'.
I discovered the wish beads in a wooden box that was on a table at Andronis Luxury Resort in Oia. I couldn't help but drag them out and trail them across the aged wood table to take this picture (yes, I stage everything in my path).

Wish Beads at Melenos Resort :: Lindos, Rhodes :: Greece

Third Eye ornaments :: Lindos, Rhodes, Greece