Friday, May 23, 2014

Cardinal House - Ready for Move In

As we come down to the final days until we officially move in to Cardinal House, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the progress. This is a little random ....... but gives a sneak peak at some of the finishes coming together.

The master ensuite bath :  basket weave tile on the floor, Carrara tile in the shower/steam room. Carrara marble trim at the shower entrance will be finished and the glass door installed. The door at the back of the room is the water closet.

The soaker tub with Rubinet Raven faucets. The window wall will be softened with drapery {later}.

Rubinet Raven rainfall shower head is on the ceiling, the slide bar on the wall next to the WireWare baskets.

The black cabinet {from Winterberry Lane} was topped with Carrara marble and a sink dropped in. The bottom drawer is being retro fitted to accommodate the pipes and the marble back splash will be affixed to the wall. This is in the master bath suite.

A new stair railing was just installed. Since this photo the painting has been completed - the handrail, caps and stair treads are black, the spindles are  Benjamin Moore Oxford White.
All of the protective floor coverings were removed today and the house cleaned. It was so exciting to see the entire house open without construction materials and all of the prettiness winking back at us.

The mantle that Richard found {read about that HERE}, is being outfitted with Carrara marble. The hearth step and the firebox trim will be in marble. The mantle was lovingly restored by Domenic at Winterberry Lane. The colour is Benjamin Moore Oxford White - which is the colour used on the walls and trim in the house.

We had a surprise at the house last week when we discovered someone had moved in before us. Rocky Raccoon made himself comfortable up in our new attic. There is an open area at the outdoor fireplace and he managed to get up through that area, waddled his fat butt through the new soffits and into the attic. Thankfully I discovered the markings on the trim early and he didn't create too much damage.

The crew from All Wildlife Removal Inc. saved the day and safely extracted the raccoon. They installed a one-way door so that the raccoon could leave the comfort of our attic and be blocked from coming back in. All open area's were wired and secured to keep rocky from finding another entry point.

The door was removed after two days and we had the crew secure other area's of the house to keep woodland creatures out of the new roof.

A sea of boxes, the dusty construction site and our unwelcome visitor was enough for us to seek a few hours away for some fun. We celebrated Kya and Grandpa's birthday with our family at the bowling alley last week. It was exactly what we needed - bowling, pizza, cake and fashionable shoes.

We are excited to know that there will be many celebrations with our family at Cardinal House, and the first one is about to happen. The champagne is on chill........

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cardinal House - Master Closet

Pretty things are happening at Cardinal House..........

Master Suite Walk-in closet by Perfect Closets. HERS to the left - HIS to the right.

The walk-in closet for our master suite was installed today. The room is 7 1/2 feet wide by 11 feet long and is just inside the threshold of the master suite entrance. We decided not to put closet doors on the room and leave it as an open room. OK - I decided and Richard nodded through the whole process, trusting me {again}.

I love the white panels and drawers rather than the dark wood. And there may be some different handles on the drawers as I add some other finishes to the room, but for now the simple, clean lines are exactly what we need. Our interior doors are white with matte black hardware, so this offers a cohesive look throughout the space. 

Leaving the closet area open means that our clothes will have the space to breath. It also means that things need to be in order. At the threshold of the entrance to the walk-in we had a small make-up table and the hutches installed on each side of the room. These cabinets ensure that the view you see when walking by is one of better organization. Deep within the closet area are the hanging racks and shelves for folded clothing or shoes.

My dressing table area might look something like this.

When my sister and I were about 10 years old, we received lighted makeup mirrors {see imposed in the photo above}. Our uncle worked for General Electric and gave both of us the pretty matte gold gilded mirror that has five round bulbs. So let's just say the mirror is now a vintage item. I am looking for a new stool for the makeup table and like the idea of the round tufted one that would tuck easily underneath.

Entrance to Richard's side of the closet.

When you are walking out of the master suite, the hutch and shelving for Richard's clothes is the view. I've mentioned in the past on this blog that yes - I do have a habit of alphabetizing the closets and drawers. I will likely be found in this room folding and re-folding things. Everybody gets their happy on in different ways...........

This is what the room looked like at 10 am.

By late afternoon it was finished and not a speck of dust.

I plan to edit before I move things into the new closet and leave room for some new additions to my wardrobe... maybe a handbag or two on the shelf.

Our experience with Perfect Closets was great. I had very specific idea's {shock} of what I wanted in the space, they adapted the plan to fit our requests and offered workable suggestions. If you are in the Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington area and looking for closet options check out Perfect Closets at