Friday, August 29, 2014


I met up with my son last night for dinner in Toronto     {have I mentioned before how handsome my son is !}. After a brief buzz around at a few shops, I started to walk over to meet him at our agreed spot. On the way I was slowed down by a crowd of people watching the windows at Hudson Bay. Artistic displays are a common site in the windows of their downtown Toronto location. Yesterday the scene was a little different as two dance artists portrayed the seductive rendezvous of the original Calvin Klein Reveal fragrance video.

Here you can see the artists in the window with the crowd on the sidewalk reflected in the glass. They carefully moved around each others body slightly touching to create the illusion of seduction. All the while people passing by on the way home from work stopped to take pictures. A team of lovely ladies handed out fragrance sample sheets to the onlookers.

I love how the reflection of people walking by, taking video's, snapping pictures, and even the detail on the bus ad that passes by, is all caught in the moment. The artists played the role well - lovers who didn't seem to notice anything but each other.
And for the people on the street - just another night on the way home from the office, but maybe they decided to go straight home.........

Reflection from the bus ad overshadows their kiss.

The original video features Dutch born model Doutzen Kroes {a'la Victoria Secrets model} and actor Charlie Hunnam {who stepped down last year from the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey}. The house of Calvin Klein describes the Reveal video as a ‘voyeuristic game of seduction’. That it is.

So what about the fragrance? The sample sits beside me as I type this post and I constantly pick it up to breath more of it in. It is a fragrance worthy of snuggling into.

From the house of Calvin Klein : Reveal is an oriental fragrance. The notes include iodine accord, iris, solar amber, sandalwood and musk.

From Vogue France : "With warm notes of ambregris and rich sandalwood, Calvin Klein's latest fragrance recalls hazy Summer sunsets and as the evening begins to cool, a touch of Cashmeran evokes the delicate warmth of a cashmere shawl upon the shoulders."

 The original video . . . .

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pinterest Favourites this week

Are you a pinterest pinner who just pins? Do you review your pinterest boards on a regular basis for inspiration and direction?
I am always interested in what other people are pinning from my boards - what is popular during specific times. Ugh, Halloween and Christmas decor idea's already. I look over my boards occasionally to remember the direction of projects.

This week my mind was on gardens, specifically the gardens you find winding around properties with a history. Moss and vine and stone = aged beauty.

Have a truly Glamourous weekend.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Chef in the house

Richard's son recently sold his condo and is searching for a new home, so he has moved in with us for a bit until he re-settles. It's tough when you move out for several years on your own and then come back home - even if it is temporary. We are trying to let him be and settle in to his own space.

The bonus for us is that Justin is an incredible cook - chef quality to be honest. And after only a few days he was unpacked enough to take on cooking dinner for us. He is happy to be using the new gas stove and handling the Carrara marble counters with kid gloves {the poor guy}. Justin is much more adventurous in the kitchen than I am, so it is a treat to have him cooking.

guacamole and ceviche

It was nice to just set the table and pour the wine while he prepared a delicious meal for his Dad and I the other night. Home made guacamole with ceviche - tangy and fresh, added to crisp potato wafers started the meal.

Ahi tuna complimented with wasabi was presented on a long wood paddle board. The perfect little bites were memorable with just enough wasabi to waken your taste buds.

mussels with a light curry in a spicy tomato sauce

Bowls of mussels in light curry and creamy tomato sauce that had just the right amount of bite was served with toasted olive bread a'la garlic butter. I love this kind of meal - saucy and a bit spicy, it sends you look for more bread to soak up the broth and wine to compliment the dish.

It was a calm, warm evening - the perfect opportunity to enjoy a meal on the lanai with our very own chef. Thanks again Justin - it was a wonderful meal.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Million Watt Smile

If you follow my blog you may notice that I've posted a new profile picture. There are about a dozen images I could have used and that alone is something I've never experienced before. I always wanted a 'chicklet' smile - little pearls all in a row. I find myself looking in the mirror often the past week. It's not to see if my eye shadow is smudged or my hair needs to be brushed, but is to enjoy the reflection of my new smile.

My Invisalign braces are finally complete. I have retired the little plastic trays that embraced my teeth for the past two years. The details of the process is HERE on an earlier post.
The process took several months longer than we originally anticipated. Maybe my teeth were a little more stubborn {at almost 56 my teeth seemed to have a mind of their own}. New 'trays' were ordered partway through and it was all worth it! I can't say enough about how happy I am with this process and my great dentist.

Before and NOW

This is about more than just having pretty teeth - it's about healthy natural teeth and gums. 
It is about confidence. 

My incredibly patient dentist is Doctor James Vassallo -  {295 Eglinton East in Mississauga 905.568.1988}. He is great at explaining the procedures, and has a gentle approach with a wonderful chair-side manner.

My Daughter is a make-up artist, and she has been waiting for my smile transformation to be complete to try a red lipstick on the new look. That isn't something I would have every done before this process, but I'm excited about it now.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Cardinal House : A girl's dressing table

I have always had a dressing table. A special spot to put all of my skincare and cosmetics, perfumes and little treasures to look at while I applied my makeup each day. I created a skirted dressing table for my Daughter when she was a young girl {hmm, any wonder she became a makeup artist}. I recently took the half moon table that was packed away from my Daughter and set it up for my Granddaughter's room at our house. It currently has white fabric tucked over it until the new table skirt is made {I need to spend some serious time at my sewing machine}.

When you are four the set up on a dressing table is a little more fun. It is not loaded with lipstick, blush and perfume; but rather the illusion of all the girlie things yet to come.
Among the empty powder compact from Grandma, a lip moisturizer and pretty mirror, are the important things. A red foam Rudolph nose from the Santa parade, a mini flashlight that gets dragged around the house to explore dark spaces, un-used makeup brushes for tickling, fashion sunglasses, a picture of Kya and Mama, and a candy box from Amorino that is the perfect spot for hair clips.

I wander past her room and watch my Granddaughter sitting at the dressing table talking to her 'stuffies' {stuffed animal friends} and stroking her pretty face with the brushes. It becomes especially delightful to find the Rudolph nose stuck on one of her toys or her own nose as she gazes into the mirror. True Glamour.

Have a Glamourous weekend.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Home for a Real Boy

Villa Garzoni, the five story Italian 'Villa delle Cento Finestre' {Villa of One Hundred Windows} is for sale. $28 million is the listed price for the 33,000 square foot, 40 bedroom estate which is located in Collodi - 65 kms outside of Florence, Italy.

The villa dates back to 1633, and is the birthplace of Pinnochio. It is this Italian villa that inspired the story of Pinnochio which was authored by Carlo Lorenzini. The fable - Le Avventure di Pinnochio was created by Lorenzini who spent his childhood in Collodi where his great grandfather was a gardener on the estate.

The Diodati grounds were a 170 year process of building and creating. Waterfalls and fountains create 'a theatre of water that rules the scene'. Lionard Luxury Real Estate holds the listing and feels there is opportunity for a foreign buyer who “understands the potential and invests in improving and increasing the tourism opportunities linked to the classic tale of Pinocchio.”

Richard Lasner Photography

Let's be honest - its Italy {sigh} ...... scenic, historical, iconic, beautiful. 
A home fit for a Real Boy.

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