Friday, August 29, 2014


I met up with my son last night for dinner in Toronto     {have I mentioned before how handsome my son is !}. After a brief buzz around at a few shops, I started to walk over to meet him at our agreed spot. On the way I was slowed down by a crowd of people watching the windows at Hudson Bay. Artistic displays are a common site in the windows of their downtown Toronto location. Yesterday the scene was a little different as two dance artists portrayed the seductive rendezvous of the original Calvin Klein Reveal fragrance video.

Here you can see the artists in the window with the crowd on the sidewalk reflected in the glass. They carefully moved around each others body slightly touching to create the illusion of seduction. All the while people passing by on the way home from work stopped to take pictures. A team of lovely ladies handed out fragrance sample sheets to the onlookers.

I love how the reflection of people walking by, taking video's, snapping pictures, and even the detail on the bus ad that passes by, is all caught in the moment. The artists played the role well - lovers who didn't seem to notice anything but each other.
And for the people on the street - just another night on the way home from the office, but maybe they decided to go straight home.........

Reflection from the bus ad overshadows their kiss.

The original video features Dutch born model Doutzen Kroes {a'la Victoria Secrets model} and actor Charlie Hunnam {who stepped down last year from the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey}. The house of Calvin Klein describes the Reveal video as a ‘voyeuristic game of seduction’. That it is.

So what about the fragrance? The sample sits beside me as I type this post and I constantly pick it up to breath more of it in. It is a fragrance worthy of snuggling into.

From the house of Calvin Klein : Reveal is an oriental fragrance. The notes include iodine accord, iris, solar amber, sandalwood and musk.

From Vogue France : "With warm notes of ambregris and rich sandalwood, Calvin Klein's latest fragrance recalls hazy Summer sunsets and as the evening begins to cool, a touch of Cashmeran evokes the delicate warmth of a cashmere shawl upon the shoulders."

 The original video . . . .


  1. That looks like a really cool installation? Exhibit? PS- My son in really handsome too ;)

  2. I always, always enjoy your posts Katherine! Now this is what I call window dressing---or is it un-dressing? :)))
    I can only imagine your son being handsome, because his mom is a beauty!
    hugs from me...

  3. Hi hope you' ve been well! This post is very cool!