Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Chef in the house

Richard's son recently sold his condo and is searching for a new home, so he has moved in with us for a bit until he re-settles. It's tough when you move out for several years on your own and then come back home - even if it is temporary. We are trying to let him be and settle in to his own space.

The bonus for us is that Justin is an incredible cook - chef quality to be honest. And after only a few days he was unpacked enough to take on cooking dinner for us. He is happy to be using the new gas stove and handling the Carrara marble counters with kid gloves {the poor guy}. Justin is much more adventurous in the kitchen than I am, so it is a treat to have him cooking.

guacamole and ceviche

It was nice to just set the table and pour the wine while he prepared a delicious meal for his Dad and I the other night. Home made guacamole with ceviche - tangy and fresh, added to crisp potato wafers started the meal.

Ahi tuna complimented with wasabi was presented on a long wood paddle board. The perfect little bites were memorable with just enough wasabi to waken your taste buds.

mussels with a light curry in a spicy tomato sauce

Bowls of mussels in light curry and creamy tomato sauce that had just the right amount of bite was served with toasted olive bread a'la garlic butter. I love this kind of meal - saucy and a bit spicy, it sends you look for more bread to soak up the broth and wine to compliment the dish.

It was a calm, warm evening - the perfect opportunity to enjoy a meal on the lanai with our very own chef. Thanks again Justin - it was a wonderful meal.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a lovely meal! My husband likes to cook, and is more adventurous a cook than I am, too. I love it! Enjoy it while you can!