Saturday, July 30, 2011

New York, New York

rodney smith

We are off to New York City this weekend........... and yes, as a matter of fact, 
we are thinking of grabbing a kiss or two while standing on top of a yellow cab. 
{we are just a couple of crazy kids}

Have a GLAMOUROUS weekend.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glamour Girl

This is GLAMOUR 
and proof that you can never be too skinny....... 
never be too stylish............
never have enough sweets.

image : Arthur Elgort

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Glorious Greece :: in the summer

Richard had call yesterday with a client who was on the island of Santorini in Greece. I know in the flash of a second his mind wandered back to this spectacular island and he wished more than once that he was there again.
The business call interrupted with punctuations of his memories, he know doubt was delighted to instruct the client on several sights to see. And there is a bounty of beauty in Greece........... Santorini and in particular OIA, remain my favourite.

Enjoy !

Andronis - OIA

Andronis - OIA

Andronis - OIA

Andronis - OIA

OIA on the island of Santorini

OIA on the island of Santorini

Wine..... and grilled calamari..... and tomato salad..... by the sea-side. Yes, the call was most definitely interrupted for very good reasons.

Richard soaking up the sea-side view in OIA

This is Glorious Greece !

A Spot for a Siesta

Now that we have a bit of a break in the heat wave, the summer is much more comfortable. If you are under the canopy of the tree's or the roof line of a lanai; it is the perfect opportunity to snuggle into deep cushions and take a siesta.

Can't you imagine snuggling into those cushions with a great book and a long cool drink.

southern living

home design and decorating

Built-in benches offer an abundance of seating and a cozy spot to have a nap. The exterior wall of the house is highlighted with cedar shingles that are punctuated by the crisp white trim.

Enjoy a lazy summer afternoon on a classic porch swing, dream of tall glasses of lemonade as you cozy up on the multiple cushions. And if rocking is your thing, these classic porch rockers will help to relax the tensions away.

home depot

front porch ideas and more

A lanai offers many benefits and are a perfect spot to sit under when the weather is less than perfect.

image by Katherine

And sometimes the best spot to settle down with a good book, or with a friend to share a chat, is on a generous porch with a corner view. Find a favourite spot to relax and enjoy a summer siesta.

image by Katherine

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Heat Is On

We have experienced record breaking temperatures here this week. Today it was 38 degrees and with humidity, it felt like 45. It really was like hitting a wall when you stepped outdoors.
I have been tempted several times to run through water blasting sprinklers that I come across. Keep cool. Be safe in the heat.

Have a wonderful and GLAMOUROUS weekend. 

Jack Lemmon and bathing beauties.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Art of T.P.

Ok, I haven't lost my mind............yet; but with a title like that you might think so. The Art of T.P. (toilet paper) ?!

It makes sense that people who work with specific products all day find 'creative' outlets for the use.
I worked for a major Canadian newspaper a dozen years ago and at our first anniversary party there was a model wearing a gown made from our newspapers. A creative Canadian designer (who's name now eludes me)  constructed a gown that featured a long ruffled skirt complete with ruffled panties and bustier, all made from newspaper. The skirt of the gown opened in the front to reveal the shapely legs of the model who wore the ruffled panties underneath. It certainly had the attention of our notorious newspaper mogul leader.

One of my pet-peeves or simple curiosity of 'why do they do that' is, housekeepers or hotel service who turn the corners of the bathroom tissue under in a little triangle on the roll. Why? Certainly it is not to show that the edge is not took considerably more touching and effort to turn the edge.

 Finally turning the edge under and making rosettes of bathroom tissue has made sense.

The cleaver people at Cashmere Bathroom Tissue brand have taken the creation of tissue fashions to a new level. This fall 15 top Canadian designers will construct a dress (and accessories) out of Cashmere pink toilet paper in support of breast cancer research. The exhibit will be unvieled September 28th at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The bathroom tissue fashion collection  will remain on view for all of October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where it will move to The Bay in Toronto.

It's all for a great cause................ one pink paper square at a time.

Thank You to Cashmere Bathroom Tissue brand
for supporting this important cause.

images from Cashmere Collection 2009

Pink Wonderland Wedding

At the end of last summer Richard and I attended the wedding of one of his business associates. The young bride and groom are in the hospitality and entertainment business, so expectations of a well planned event were high.

The wonderful part of being 'in the biz' is that they could call upon a multitude of professionals to collectively create the perfect look for their wedding. The wedding began with a lush church service at a Cathedral in downtown Toronto. The Bride Cherisse, wore a meringue skirted gown that featured a lace and pearl strapless bodice. She looked stunning and she truly has the most vivacious smile.

The main ballroom was draped from end to end in white fabric. Flanking the head table were two jumbo screens with images projected on to them. The pink wonderland was created with the application of the lights. Richard is the man responsible for the creation of the lights and image screens (he too is in 'the biz'). If you are a follower of my blog you will recall that Richard and I met when I was producing events for film festival and fashion week.

The entire room breathed beauty and was strikingly elegant in it's pink glow.

When guests entered the ballroom for dinner the screens boasted images of large flowers that appeared to bloom slowly and softly before your eyes. Long strands of ribbon with orchids attached to the ends hung over the main dance floor where an aerial artist spun high up in a hoop. The new married couple danced beneath the canopy of satin ribbons and orchids.

Me and Richard

Well it is almost one year later since this Pink Wonderland Wedding, and just this week I came across WedLuxe Magazine with a feature on the magical event. I grabbed a copy of the magazine and brought it home to show Richard the mention of his work. To see more of this pretty wedding and the beautiful magazine visit HERE.

To Travis and Cherisse, we send our heartfelt congratulations on your 
first-of-many-to-come wedding anniversary's. 
May your love stay strong and your life be forever GLAMOUROUS. 

Travis and Cherisse

images :: my own/ and mango studios via

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach Weekend

We enjoyed an extended weekend two weeks ago at our friends vacation home in South Beach, Florida. We have been generously invited each year to return to their beautiful condo for a celebration of Canada Day and the fourth of July.

The view of the beach from the 37th floor is even more exquisite when the vista is duplicated from the terrace at each end of the condominium home. The bright morning sun shines boldly on the north terrace, and so ..... to the south terrace off of the kitchen is where we retreat for breakfast.
And at the end of the day, the shaded coolness of the north terrace off of the living room is the perfect spot to linger over a cocktail.

I am more of a lounge by the pool kind-of-girl ..... and enjoy frequent dips in the clear water. But this year we spent our days at the beach front of the property. I gained a new appreciation for the ocean; as long as the salt water is out of my eyes I'm happy at the ocean.

View from the north terrace at night.

Our hostess enjoys her birthday each year with a spectacular view of fireworks for as far as the eye can see. She is a fourth of July birthday girl, and we tease her saying that the entire nation put on the pyrotechnics display just for her.

This year we ventured to FountaineBleu in Miami Beach, for cocktails and dinner.
It was delightful to wander through the lobby and grounds imagining back to 1954 when the resort first opened. The resort has been graciously restored and the original highlights enhance. The vintage charm of the 'Staircase to Nowhere' and bow-tie design marble floors draw curious visitors into the 17,000 sq foot main lobby. It is there with the draped golden toned chandeliers, and the distinct collaboration of deco a'la '70's mod mixed with a touch of present day decor, that the happy hour doesn't skip a beat. It is most definitely requires two bevies to take in the sights around the lobby bar.

This is GLAMOUR and Style from an Era gone by.......... that we lovingly hang on to.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The year was 1966 and fashion was MOD.

White Go-Go boots were all the rage.  
Short sheath dresses and fish net stockings became a fashion staple. 
It was the year of the mini-skirt. 
Mary Quant set the stage with hot-pants and baby-doll styles. 
If you had the 'London Look' you were hip. 
Vidal Sassoon created 'the bob', a short angular haircut.  
Dramatic charcoal lined eyes combined with vivid blue or green shadow and lips painted in matte pink completed the It Girl looks. 

This famous lady captured it all. 
Do you know who this GLAMOUROUS Mod lady is?

Versatile and Glamourous funny lady,
Lucille Ball.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

U2 Illuminates Toronto

Under the twinkle of the stars and a Gibbous moon, U2 rocked Toronto last night in an open air concert at the Rogers Centre. The dome was wide open giving an added thrill to an already exciting night when Bono and the lads took to the stage. 

The concert was postponed in early 2010 after Bono suffered an injury while touring.  We had been holding on tightly to tickets since then and it was worth the wait. 

U2 proved again why they are one of the most sought after bands in the world. The band led the crowd of 60,000 fans through the line-up of favourite tunes over the course of the night. Our seats were a bit higher in the stands than we had originally wanted, but in the end proved to be a bonus as we managed to capture brief streams of a breeze over the wall of the dome. With tempatures of 34 degrees and a humidity of 40 throughout the day, the pit in front of the stage would have been like a sauna.

Toronto didn't disappoint in playing along with the band as the CN Tower hosted a theatrical light show that bounced with the tunes as they rose up from the open roof venue. We were sitting on the west wall of the Rogers Centre in full view of the stage, the open roof of the dome luminated in purple, and the dancing light show on the CN Tower. It provided the perfect view of the entire venue and our city.

The 360 stage appropriately named 'the claw', sits high above the double circular stage which features moving bridges connecting to each ring. It is not just by chance that the circles and bridges form an inverted peace symbol when in the stationary position. The stage which is reportedly moved in 40 long haul trucks and takes over 24 hours solid to construct, will make its final debut in Moncton at the end of July. And just in case you are interested, the stage is for sale.

As if the range of Bono's voice and the bands flawless performance were not enough to generate excitement, the showmanship of the onstage visuals helped to create constant stimulation. Floating above the band was a honeycomb of LED panels that together forges a solid screen of live activity and ever changing messages. As the show progressed the honeycomb expanded open and the graphics moved flawlessly along with the screens.

See the world in green and blue! 

This band see's the world literally and without rose coloured glasses. They make it their mission to use the stage to highlight the needs of the less privledged, and last night was no exception.The message is clear, it would all be in vein if they didn't lend their resources or power of influence to help to make the world a better place.
U2's 360 Tour has grossed a reported $700 million and entertained 7 million fans world wide. The tunes we love to sing along with, the music is powerful, the boys......... are still boyish.

The philanthropy messages and assistance to programs world wide pricless.

images : one/tom podolec ctvnews, two/flickr

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge :: Stylish Newlyweds

William and Catherine came across the pond for a North American tour. We welcomed them here in Canada as they made their way across country discovering the uniqueness of each province.

The camera loves this young couple. They are stylish, strikingly good looking and they generously gaze at each other with the look of love in their eyes.

Catherine wearing a Smythe blazer

The duty of representing the Royal Family brings with it expectations. Both William and Catherine must be dressed 'appropriately' and yet they are a young couple with a style of their own. Catherine in particular is constantly watched for her fashion choices. As a Canadian I was happy to see that she made many selections for her trip wardrobe from the talents of several Canadian designers.

blue lace dress by Erdem

Catherine started the tour with a simple dress by Erdem (Canadian designer). The lean sheath look with sleeves is a popular choice by the Duchess. Many of her dresses and jacket feature a three quarter length sleeve.

Catherine wore the Reiss dress (from the engagement photo's) and a red maple leaf hat for Canada Day ceremonies. Appropriately the hats are called 'fascinators'.

Catherine wears the Queen's Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch

Catherine looks great in every colour, but vibrant strong colours accentuate her beauty even further.

The Duchess teamed many of her looks with neutral toned shoes.

The Duchess was presented with a bouquet of flowers in every city they visited. She seems to love flowers and takes a defined interest in each bouquet they give her.

In Quebec wearing a design by Erdem

touring northern Canada

When the tour changed from pomp and ceremony, William and Catherine changed their wardrobe to match the needs. Catherine wore several pairs of great heels with her dresses, a wedge canvas sling back with pants, wide strap sandal heels and two-tone moccasins with jeans. 

Even when William and Catherine went dragon boat racing, they looked stylish and pulled together. Despite rain and getting wet from the boat racing the newlyweds looked fresh. William wears a preppy British style that always looks striking; his lean physique and boyish charm makes everything look dapper.

In Calgary - blouse by Alice Temperley (London)

When the young royals visited Calgary it was time to bring out their jeans and hit the stampede circuit. Catherine wears a white sheer and lace blouse with jeans, a silver western belt buckle and a white cowboy hat. The Duchess was in a fit of giggles after one of the rodeo riders fell and ended up covered in dung.

The Duke and Duchess are both generous with their smiles.
I managed to sneak a few minutes each day to watch news of the Royal visit and wondered how they go from place to place and keep smiling. It's hard to make small talk with strangers, especially about the same types of topics. And there they were.......smiling, greeting with people, and continually taking in cultural highlights that each city presented. The country was excited to have the first 'official' visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Duke and Duchess at Quebec cooking school.

I'm certain that I would not look this stylish in a chefs coat. But this young couple manages to fit into every scenario and they don't miss a beat. Catherine looks as if she is about to conduct a cooking class for a television program and apparently her culinary skills are good.

Catherine knows you have too look great going as well as coming into the party. This pearl gray dress has great detail on the back. Garments that have something enticing to offer as you walk away is subtle, but sexy.

Catherine and William at Polo match

Catherine wore a soft flowing dress and open toe sandals to the polo match. It is not often that you see Royals wear open toe shoes; albeit that there is a wonderful picture around of Williams Mother Diana racing down the a grassy lawn in her bare feet.

Catherine in windy Calgary

When William and Catherine arrived in Calgary it was incredibly windy. Kate's long locks quickly flipped around in the wind and the soft flowing yellow dress she wore was being wind whipped. There are several photo's showing her skirt flying up in the breeze. A good designer would have weighted the dress hem so that it would be in control. Although I love the soft yellow colour, the dress itself was somewhat of a soft puffy sleeve little girl design. Catherine looks best in simple lines.

Duchess of Cambridge bracelet

Kate sported a link bracelet with a single charm dangling from it. The charm was engraved with a single C (Duchess of Cambridge :: Catherine).

In California wearing an Issa jersey dress. The violet shade is striking on Catherine.

Out for a night on the town. Catherine wears a gown from the Alexander McQueen collection.

Kate stepped out in style with 5 1/2 inch Jimmy Choo Vamp Glitter Heels. Very vampish.

The Duchess wore a soft cream coloured pleat skirt and navy sweater top from Whistles, the skirt is now sold out (not a surprise) and the sweater is from their 2007 collection. William looks handsome (always) in a dark suit and business blue shirt.

Catherine wore a detailed pleat dress to the tennis match.

William wore 'shades' to the tennis match.
Kate has healthy and bouncing hair. Doesn't every woman wish their hair looked this great in the wind.

Kate wore her hair several ways to highlight her gorgeous smile and eyes.

Kate showed off her slim figure and accentuated her small waist with this cinched style jacket in British navy, topped with a Canadian toned 'red' scarf (Hugo Boss).

Catherine is stylishly, elegantly poised and glowingly beautiful; and her Prince, is dashingly handsome. Is it any wonder that the world is charmed with them. The most GLAMOUROUS thing that William and Catherine wore, is something they wear continually.......... the shining look of love for each other. It is a pleasure to watch their shared gazes for one another.

And when it was time to say Good-bye, William and Kate thanked the host towns and waved to the Royal fans.