Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Art of T.P.

Ok, I haven't lost my mind............yet; but with a title like that you might think so. The Art of T.P. (toilet paper) ?!

It makes sense that people who work with specific products all day find 'creative' outlets for the use.
I worked for a major Canadian newspaper a dozen years ago and at our first anniversary party there was a model wearing a gown made from our newspapers. A creative Canadian designer (who's name now eludes me)  constructed a gown that featured a long ruffled skirt complete with ruffled panties and bustier, all made from newspaper. The skirt of the gown opened in the front to reveal the shapely legs of the model who wore the ruffled panties underneath. It certainly had the attention of our notorious newspaper mogul leader.

One of my pet-peeves or simple curiosity of 'why do they do that' is, housekeepers or hotel service who turn the corners of the bathroom tissue under in a little triangle on the roll. Why? Certainly it is not to show that the edge is not took considerably more touching and effort to turn the edge.

 Finally turning the edge under and making rosettes of bathroom tissue has made sense.

The cleaver people at Cashmere Bathroom Tissue brand have taken the creation of tissue fashions to a new level. This fall 15 top Canadian designers will construct a dress (and accessories) out of Cashmere pink toilet paper in support of breast cancer research. The exhibit will be unvieled September 28th at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The bathroom tissue fashion collection  will remain on view for all of October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where it will move to The Bay in Toronto.

It's all for a great cause................ one pink paper square at a time.

Thank You to Cashmere Bathroom Tissue brand
for supporting this important cause.

images from Cashmere Collection 2009

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  1. This is so cool! Thank you Katherine for commenting on our blog and for sharing yours!