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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge :: Stylish Newlyweds

William and Catherine came across the pond for a North American tour. We welcomed them here in Canada as they made their way across country discovering the uniqueness of each province.

The camera loves this young couple. They are stylish, strikingly good looking and they generously gaze at each other with the look of love in their eyes.

Catherine wearing a Smythe blazer

The duty of representing the Royal Family brings with it expectations. Both William and Catherine must be dressed 'appropriately' and yet they are a young couple with a style of their own. Catherine in particular is constantly watched for her fashion choices. As a Canadian I was happy to see that she made many selections for her trip wardrobe from the talents of several Canadian designers.

blue lace dress by Erdem

Catherine started the tour with a simple dress by Erdem (Canadian designer). The lean sheath look with sleeves is a popular choice by the Duchess. Many of her dresses and jacket feature a three quarter length sleeve.

Catherine wore the Reiss dress (from the engagement photo's) and a red maple leaf hat for Canada Day ceremonies. Appropriately the hats are called 'fascinators'.

Catherine wears the Queen's Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch

Catherine looks great in every colour, but vibrant strong colours accentuate her beauty even further.

The Duchess teamed many of her looks with neutral toned shoes.

The Duchess was presented with a bouquet of flowers in every city they visited. She seems to love flowers and takes a defined interest in each bouquet they give her.

In Quebec wearing a design by Erdem

touring northern Canada

When the tour changed from pomp and ceremony, William and Catherine changed their wardrobe to match the needs. Catherine wore several pairs of great heels with her dresses, a wedge canvas sling back with pants, wide strap sandal heels and two-tone moccasins with jeans. 

Even when William and Catherine went dragon boat racing, they looked stylish and pulled together. Despite rain and getting wet from the boat racing the newlyweds looked fresh. William wears a preppy British style that always looks striking; his lean physique and boyish charm makes everything look dapper.

In Calgary - blouse by Alice Temperley (London)

When the young royals visited Calgary it was time to bring out their jeans and hit the stampede circuit. Catherine wears a white sheer and lace blouse with jeans, a silver western belt buckle and a white cowboy hat. The Duchess was in a fit of giggles after one of the rodeo riders fell and ended up covered in dung.

The Duke and Duchess are both generous with their smiles.
I managed to sneak a few minutes each day to watch news of the Royal visit and wondered how they go from place to place and keep smiling. It's hard to make small talk with strangers, especially about the same types of topics. And there they were.......smiling, greeting with people, and continually taking in cultural highlights that each city presented. The country was excited to have the first 'official' visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Duke and Duchess at Quebec cooking school.

I'm certain that I would not look this stylish in a chefs coat. But this young couple manages to fit into every scenario and they don't miss a beat. Catherine looks as if she is about to conduct a cooking class for a television program and apparently her culinary skills are good.

Catherine knows you have too look great going as well as coming into the party. This pearl gray dress has great detail on the back. Garments that have something enticing to offer as you walk away is subtle, but sexy.

Catherine and William at Polo match

Catherine wore a soft flowing dress and open toe sandals to the polo match. It is not often that you see Royals wear open toe shoes; albeit that there is a wonderful picture around of Williams Mother Diana racing down the a grassy lawn in her bare feet.

Catherine in windy Calgary

When William and Catherine arrived in Calgary it was incredibly windy. Kate's long locks quickly flipped around in the wind and the soft flowing yellow dress she wore was being wind whipped. There are several photo's showing her skirt flying up in the breeze. A good designer would have weighted the dress hem so that it would be in control. Although I love the soft yellow colour, the dress itself was somewhat of a soft puffy sleeve little girl design. Catherine looks best in simple lines.

Duchess of Cambridge bracelet

Kate sported a link bracelet with a single charm dangling from it. The charm was engraved with a single C (Duchess of Cambridge :: Catherine).

In California wearing an Issa jersey dress. The violet shade is striking on Catherine.

Out for a night on the town. Catherine wears a gown from the Alexander McQueen collection.

Kate stepped out in style with 5 1/2 inch Jimmy Choo Vamp Glitter Heels. Very vampish.

The Duchess wore a soft cream coloured pleat skirt and navy sweater top from Whistles, the skirt is now sold out (not a surprise) and the sweater is from their 2007 collection. William looks handsome (always) in a dark suit and business blue shirt.

Catherine wore a detailed pleat dress to the tennis match.

William wore 'shades' to the tennis match.
Kate has healthy and bouncing hair. Doesn't every woman wish their hair looked this great in the wind.

Kate wore her hair several ways to highlight her gorgeous smile and eyes.

Kate showed off her slim figure and accentuated her small waist with this cinched style jacket in British navy, topped with a Canadian toned 'red' scarf (Hugo Boss).

Catherine is stylishly, elegantly poised and glowingly beautiful; and her Prince, is dashingly handsome. Is it any wonder that the world is charmed with them. The most GLAMOUROUS thing that William and Catherine wore, is something they wear continually.......... the shining look of love for each other. It is a pleasure to watch their shared gazes for one another.

And when it was time to say Good-bye, William and Kate thanked the host towns and waved to the Royal fans.

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  1. Love her style. I can't imagine how she keeps herself glamorous and chic everytime. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx