Monday, October 31, 2011


Autumn offers just the right amount of sunshine and cool air to make sitting at a cafe for a cup of java, a truly enjoyable experience.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

One of the things that I like about Halloween is that it is a time when you see so much creativity. Whether it is a unique costume, spooky yard decor or an over the top pumpkin carving; for the most part creative Halloween idea's are shared publicly.
Today is the perfect opportunity to indulge in more than trick-or-treats, our neighbourhoods will be brimming with creativity.

Here is a sampling of the creative designs of Ray Villafane, a talented sculpture from New York who takes pumpkin carving to the ultimate level.

Pumpkin Carving by artist Ray Villafane

Yes, this is a pumpkin carving.  By artist Ray Villafane

Ray Villafane carving of a pumpkin.

Visit for more pumpkin carvings and to explore the sand sculptures of Ray Villafane.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sarah's House 4

Like many Canadians, especially those of us in the Toronto area, we tend to brag a little that Sarah Richardson is 'Our Girl'. The incredibly talented and much loved decorator is Toronto born and raised. And so, the following of Sarah's productions is deeply rooted here.
Sarah has decided this season to skip to a new beat with the purchase of a 'cookie cutter' suburban new build home. We all see the rows-upon-rows of new home builds in mass, that offer limited options and changes. Sarah took on the challenge with a new build to highlight to home owners the possibilities of change, not too mention the ultimate plan in upgrades.

Sarah's House 4 - The Entry upgrades.

Personally I love the colour palettes that Sarah chooses and the layering of fabrics and textures she embraces. Yup, I'm a fan. has rolled out Sarah's House4 with the step-by-step process of the ultimate upgrade project. Granted that the average new home buyer would not have the opportunity to customize a home with a mass home developer, the project showcases just what can be done to a new build. Purchasing the base home with all builder basics and redesigning upon possession is the easiest way to provide a finished home worthy of Sarah's signature style.

The kitchen just may be my favourite kitchen ...............sigh!

The custom designed island is a multi level plan.

Shades of grey are unique and a striking contrast to the the white cabinets and stainless appliances.

It's all in the details.

Over sized island with antique light fixtures.

One of the things I really love about watching Sarah Richardson is that she explains 'why' she is making her decisions. Hearing her analytical approach to design assists the viewer in understanding why we too should embrace some of these idea's.
The multi-level island was one of my favourite designs. The regular high island features a larger than average bar sink, a low end cabinet that houses a wine fridge on one side, and the high top table that hides the kitchen mess and offers a place to relax with the cook.

Soft, elegant, functional. Perfect.

The granite counter tops are honed, and lend the look of much more costly finishes. Sarah finished the back splash area with soft multi-toned grey scale tiles.

OK, one more peek.............. I love this kitchen.

Visit here for more on Sarah Richardson on and the shopping guide of products used. It's not noted or written in stone, but Style at Home Magazine usually features all of Sarah Richardson's designs from her show. Be sure to visit there soon for great decorating idea's.


One of the blogs that I follow {and frankly drool over every time I stop by to read} is LOVE from the OVEN. Christi shares mouth watering recipes of her own and some she refers to as 'Bites From Other Blogs', as well as great information on baking products.

Warning: if you swing over to her blog you will experience an intense desire to run to the kitchen in search of your cookie cutters and cupcake wrappers. Visit here : Love From The Oven.

When I visited Christi's blog the other day she highlighted the fun of 'Booing'. I had never heard of this before but loved the idea so much that I decided to engage in a little booing myself. So I prepared several Boo Packages and left them on the desks of co-workers, on my neighbours doorstep, and of course one at my baby Granddaughters door. It's so much fun secretly leaving the goodies.
Stop over here to get the details and the links to some great 'Boo' printables.

Yummy's from Love From The Oven.........

What The Fruitcake by

i am baker via

Printables via

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

It's time to head out to the pumpkin patch and search for the perfect specimen to decorate for Halloween. Here are a few idea's to help make your pumpkin experience more than just a ghoulish carving.

Love the little second story windows.           via Martha Stewart

Tissue wrap pumpkins.                      via Martha Stewart

Easy to make and adorable. 

ghoulish ghordes

White pumpkins look sophisticated in every setting.

Simple, easy  & elegant.                     via Martha Stewart

For the adventurous pumpkin carvers................

Ultimate pumpkin carving by l'arte del lintaglio

Not all pumpkins are carved ...... some are painted...... and some are decorated with sequins, bows or markers.

via BHG

via BHG

Black markers and glued on gems transform white pumpkins.

Wrapped in black lace hosiery.

by Horchow

Ghoul faced flower pot.

This year in particular blue pumpkins are more readily available, and offer new creative ways to decorate.

via BHG

via Flickr

via Wallace Garden

No one knows the magic of pumpkins more than Cinderella. The converted pumpkin coach ride will always take you home........

Hallmark Magazine

Friday, October 21, 2011

Have a GLAMOUROUS Weekend

Enjoy a weekend of Tranquility.

Abbaye de Fontenay                             image: Glamour Begins At Home 2008

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion Cape Style

One of this seasons most wanted fashion items is the 'cape'. This isn't a comic book superhero cloak, but it is a flirty rendition of a floating bell style. Now that the weather is turning cooler {well, at least it is in parts of Canada}, it's time to grab a Pashmina, or Cape to snuggle in as weather becomes more chilly. are some of my favourites {vintage and just off the runway}.

Vintage Dior
Pierre Cardin



Mink Cape by Maximillian {Anne St Marie 1954}
Audrey stunning in a 'cape style' {it's actually a shawl she is wearing}

 Simplicity by Derek Lam. This cape could be worn with almost anything.

Canadian Furrier Ad 1954 : The Mink Cape

Valentino .... show your spots.

Burberry 'clearly' a fashion leader.

Fashion Capes are a fun and flirty way to keep warm; try one on...... you will be surprised at how much a cape will work with your wardrobe.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

I'm not sure where the weekend goes, but it does go by in a blink.
And here again it's Monday and the start of another crazy week.

Do you remember the old tune from the Mama's and the Papa's,
'Monday, Monday'.
Many times on Sunday nights I somehow seem to hear the lyrics ringing in my ears. 

'Monday, Monday, can't trust that day
Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way.

Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine yeah.
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin' all the time.'

Here's to a Glamourous Monday.

Inviting the Inside In

I really love the look of long tall windows, maybe because they are so typical of lovely Parisian homes. Of course the windows are generally set in rooms that have elegantly tall walls, and are typically faced with generous moldings. I love the windows that swing open like doors and have heavy latches.

Windows in my old office               GB@H

It doesn't matter if the windows or long pane doors open in or out, the effect is inviting either way.

The windows and doors are elegantly complimented with shutters.

Hotel Particulier                 GB@H

Windows in bath - Hotel Particulier     GB@H

We are thinking of all of the elements that we want to put in our dream house, and the style of these windows is something we will be attempting to incorporate.