Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I seriously have had enough of winter, cold, damp, boots, ugly coats, staying indoors (because I don't do the outside play thing in the winter) and wearing socks. 

If my kids are reading this right now, they are likely huffing out an 'Oh, Pleeezzze'!   And it would be deserved. Richard and I did escape to the heat of the Dominican for two weeks at the end of February. If you missed the engagement island news, you can read that post HERE

It really has been a tough and snowy winter for anyone living in the north east. And we all have the welcome mat rolled out waiting for Lady Spring's beauty to grace our doorsteps.

These images are sitting out on my desktop to remind me of what warm and wonderful weather is like. 
The boat belongs to a man who lives in Samana, Dominican Republic. He rows every day - every day, from the mainland to the island. Each day he anchors just beyond the shore and dives for conch, then he rows back to the mainland. 

When someone at the resort told me his story I was amazed. I know he is conditioned to row the distance, dive for several hours (without a snorkel or mask) and then row back. But when we took the big motorized boat over to the island, the journey was ten minutes. His level of stamina caught my attention each morning. I kept him in my mind when we came back home and I had to shovel snow.

The boat, as you can see, had to be bailed out on a regular basis during the trek and diving expedition. This is how he makes his living and feeds his family. I don't know anyone who could row that distance and dive like that. I realized when I watched him, that our stamina has a different face. The diver might be shell shocked to shovel snow for several hours in freezing temperatures, and may look at us wondering where we get our drive.

 We all need a certain level of stamina to complete our journeys. We are fortunate to have services and tools to help make the trek easier, but I think this fisherman is stronger than most. 

I look at these pictures and I admire his drive and ambition.

SO -  

What gets you through the tough stuff and make you dig deep for your STAMINA ? 


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


This little Easter chick might have the right idea donning a winter toque. Our weather forecast for Easter Sunday is predicting possible wet snow - ugh.
I think the egg hunt may have to be moved inside.

Our traditions are adjusting with the changes of our growing family. For many years the holidays were quiet - my children and I alone. We built holiday traditions together that we now share with our new union. With the blossoming of our families together over the past seven years, the holidays have suddenly become celebrations of happy noise. 

Leading the happy noise and excitement is our granddaughter who is thrilled at the thought of the Easter Bunny arriving, but mature enough to question the meaning of Easter. But let's face it when you are just turning five, chocolate eggs and jelly beans get the most attention. 

Our granddaughter has recently discovered Egg Bread. Lightly sweet, soft, and incredibly delicious with butter - she's is devouring egg bread if it were a chocolate egg. It is the new after school snack.

I will be bouncing between the kitchen and the dining room as we celebrate Easter with family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Are you cooking this holiday? 

What is on the menu?