Wednesday, April 1, 2015


This little Easter chick might have the right idea donning a winter toque. Our weather forecast for Easter Sunday is predicting possible wet snow - ugh.
I think the egg hunt may have to be moved inside.

Our traditions are adjusting with the changes of our growing family. For many years the holidays were quiet - my children and I alone. We built holiday traditions together that we now share with our new union. With the blossoming of our families together over the past seven years, the holidays have suddenly become celebrations of happy noise. 

Leading the happy noise and excitement is our granddaughter who is thrilled at the thought of the Easter Bunny arriving, but mature enough to question the meaning of Easter. But let's face it when you are just turning five, chocolate eggs and jelly beans get the most attention. 

Our granddaughter has recently discovered Egg Bread. Lightly sweet, soft, and incredibly delicious with butter - she's is devouring egg bread if it were a chocolate egg. It is the new after school snack.

I will be bouncing between the kitchen and the dining room as we celebrate Easter with family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Are you cooking this holiday? 

What is on the menu?


  1. Looking to seeing you and the family tomorrow Sis....tell K I love Egg bread too save me some.

  2. That bread looks so good Katherine! YUM! My neighbor brought me hot cross buns for Easter, because I was sick and knew that I would not turn down bread---even sick:)
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter and wish you a great week!
    sending hugs...

  3. June,
    Hope you are feeling better. Easter bread is a good cure all.

  4. Mmmmm...the bread looks yummy

  5. It's so funny how kids love those little jelly beans. I keep waiting for my 14 year old to outgrow them and pick something good like chocolate, but he still loves them- yuck!! Hope you had a great Easter :)

  6. I love this post! I so relate to you about winter. It's no fun playing outside in the cold. And your egg bread is Challah...we eat that fresh every Friday night! So good, but fattening!!

    Sending lots of love,