Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glorious Greece :: Athens

On a recent island hopping trip to Greece several months ago, Richard and I found out just how glorious Greece is. The country is rich in culture, history and is abundantly beautiful. I was fortunate to have my own history buff explain the sites :: how Richard remembers so many facts and details is beyond me. So while he impressed our tour guide (and me) in Athens with his knowledge, I wandered along beside them snapping pictures like a typical tourist.

We started our journey in Athens with a three day stay at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. They describe their hotel as undeniably pampering..... oh so true. It is a luxurious hotel with every amenity that you could desire.

Grande Bretagne, Athens

The highlight for us was sharing dinner in the Grande Bretagne Garden Roof Restaurant .... several times..... and breakfast on the outdoor terrace in the morning each morning.

The iconic view is of the Acropolis of Athens, which is breath-taking to gaze at in the morning sunlight or in the twinkle of the evening lights. The food and wine selections are wonderful at the restaurant, and the staff is both sophisticated and welcoming.

Grande Bretagne Roof Top Restaurant, Athens

A special night with my Honey.
View of the Acropolis from our hotel.
Hellenic Evzone Guards at the Presidential Mansion

GLORIOUS GREECE .............. next stop ..... click for Mykonos.

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  1. Looks like a really lovely adventure! Bon Voyage! Kellie xx