Thursday, March 3, 2011

Red Carpet Glamour

One of the highlights of the Academy Awards show is the red carpet fashion parade that takes place prior to anyone stepping into the Kodak Theatre to wrap their hands around an Oscar trophy.

News this week has been a constant analogy of who had the best Oscar worthy ensemble and who missed the mark last Sunday night. The Hollywood expectations of those who walk the red carpet are intense. Albeit that we all had our favourites; let's face it, those who strut the red carpet at the awards show are elegant live mannequins of ultimate GLAMOUR.

What would you wear if you were walking the red carpet? Taffeta, long and silky, chiffon, bare and daring, subtle colour or vivaciously vivid; no matter what the choice....... always be your GLAMOUROUS self.

Here are a few of my favourite red carpet looks ::

Grace Kelly at the Oscars in 1954

THIS would be my choice. I get giddy just looking at this dress.

House of Dior

Love the full skirt netting

Grace Kelly wears an Edith Head design.

Helen Mirren - always elegant

Julia Roberts in Valentino

Be your GLAMOUROUS self, the red carpet awaits you every day.

**pictures above are not my own

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  1. I love that image of Helen Mirren...I think she looked absolutely stunning that day. I only hope I look half as good when I am her age!!