Monday, March 7, 2011

Paris :: Anytime

I know that the phrase is 'Paris in the Springtime'; and yes, that is truly a magical time there. But I would take Paris anytime.

Richard took me to Paris two years ago for a 'big birthday'. It was incredible, romantic and so memorable. I was flipping through the pictures today and thought it would be nice to take a journey back to France......... come along with me for a quick visit.

Arc de Triomphe :: Paris, France
Flower shop St Germain area

The architectural elements in Paris take your breath away.

Morning Espresso stop

The Eiffel Tower is iconic with Paris. When we traveled up to the observation deck I discovered that I had vertigo. I was surprised that I was frightened to walk out on the deck, but I did it and the view was incredible. Later in the evening Richard took me to a cafe to sit and watch the light show on the Eiffel Tower. I LOVED, loved, loved being in Paris. And I love that it was Richard who took me to Paris......because my Honey is very romantic. Sigh !

I'll never forget when Richard and I strolled along the Paris streets at night.

I took many pictures (about 100 per day) while we traveled through France; and so the  many of the images are of the beautiful churches that we visited. The church above is on Ile de la Cite. A poster size print is framed and hanging in our living room; each time I look at I recall being in this incredible room that was literally a dome of stained glass. It's a warm and wonderful memory.

Richard took me to the Louvre for my birthday. 
It was a wonderful day together that I'll never forget.

Paris ..... Anytime. Take me there.

** All pictures are my own except the first image of sparkle Eiffel Tower.

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