Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Voice from Ballymena

Ballymena, Ireland

My paternal GrandFather was born in Ballymena, Ireland. And although he lived in Canada from his young adulthood, for all of his years he still had the wonderful lilt to his speech that was unmistakably Gaelic. 
My parents called me Kathie (not my given name Katherine, as I have gone by throughout most of my adult years). My Grandpa couldn't pronounce my name because of his accent, and so to him I was 'Taffy'. 

My Grandpa has been gone for 30 years; and I have wonderful memories of him. Ireland is on my trip wish list and it is possibly the sound of my Grandpa's voice that is calling me there.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All.

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  1. It's a gorgeous place! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! And have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx