Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Several weeks ago I tucked images and details away in my files for upcoming 'to blog' articles; among those files is an outline of Legendary Actress Elizabeth Taylor. Sadly today the world mourns the loss of this beautiful lady.

Miss Taylor's beauty and talent are the two things she is most noted for. She starred in literally hundreds of films beginning at the tender age of nine when she appeared in 'There's One Born Every Minute'.  Miss Taylor's career developed with unforgettable screen performances in 'National Velvet', 'The Taming of the Shrew', 'Suddenly Last Summer', 'Cleopatra', 'Raintree County', and won two Best Actress Oscar Awards for 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf ' and  'Butterfield 8'.

Liz Taylor graced the cover of thousands of magazines throughout the world, Her stunning beauty could not be matched. Liz's parents were American's residing in England when she was born in Hampstead (February 1932). Ms. Taylor was born with a 'mutation' that caused double rows of eyelashes; this combined with violet coloured eyes only enhanced her beauty and is the envy of many women. Liz was beautiful, strong, elegant and Glamourous.

Of Miss Taylor's eight marriages to seven husband's, the most notorious were her marriages to Richard Burton (twice married to each other). Their dramatic and sometimes stormy romance was the hot topic of gossip news for many years. Burton presented Ms. Taylor with many exquisite gems throughout their years together; the most famous is the 69.42 carat pear shaped diamond known as the Burton-Taylor diamond.
In 1978 Ms. Taylor auctioned the diamond for $5M with monies from the sale used to build a hospital in Botswana.

Ms. Taylor's charitable donations and works continued throughout the years when she devoted her energy to AIDS related charities. She helped start the American Foundation for AIDS Research and continued with the creation of her own foundation : The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.
In addition to her iconic roles in legendary films and her obvious beauty, Elizabeth Taylor's real Glamour is in her charitable works and generous heart that helped so many people in need. 


  1. She is probably the most gorgeous lady I have ever known. It is a sad day for the whole world. Kellie xx

  2. such a beautiful woman. I shall always remember her as a young girl in National Velvet!