Thursday, March 31, 2011

White Rabbit Day

My good friend Cyndi {@ Beyond The Psychic Veil blogspot} is the one who got me hooked on 'White Rabbit Day'. Visit her blog on the link above for all of the details.

Here's how it works....... be the first to shout out 'Happy White Rabbit Day' or 'Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit'. Good luck will come to you :: it may be something momentous and it may be something simple but truly wonderful.
On the first day of March I woke in the morning with my baby Granddaughter ~ Kya. She had stayed over the night with us because Mommy was not feeling well. I cuddled our little Angel up and said 'Happy White Rabbit Day, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit'. I already knew that the month would be special as I snuggled Baby K up in my arms and spent the day enjoying her sunny little smile.

Snuggling with Baby K ~ it doesn't get better than that.

Happy White Rabbit Day .................. and 
Happy April Fool's Day. 

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