Monday, July 18, 2016

Best Day Ever

Richard and I are back from our honeymoon in Ireland and gathering a few pictures that friends and family took at our wedding. It has already been one month since we took our vows and celebrated our marriage.

Without a doubt it was the 'best day ever', as I married my best friend. I will share more of our wedding day here as we get more pictures, and will feature our travels throughout Ireland in upcoming posts. For now I'll let the joy of the day speak for itself through the pictures (mind the quality - they've been gathered from various photo options).

My handsome son Dallas walked me down the aisle.

Richard and his son (our Best Man) waiting at the top of the aisle.

Our four children and granddaughter stood with us as our attendants. The wedding took place at Holcim Waterfront Estate overlooking Lake Ontario.

My dress is a David Tutera gown (Beryl in seamist - a French blue shade underskirt with tulle and lace over-top).

These are 'our children'.
Dallas (my son), Monique (my daughter), Me and Richard, Stephanie (Richard's daughter), Justin (Richard's son).

And the prettiest girl at the whole affair........