Monday, December 31, 2012

Kiss Me at Midnight


Do you make a New Year's resolution each year? 
How good are you at keeping your resolution?

Wishing you a New Year 
that is filled with Happiness,
Love, Adventure, and above all
Good Health.

Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Born is the King


Born unto us this day a Savior
Gifted from heaven to a manger
The hope of the world, a light for all mankind
All of the earth rejoice, it's Christmas time.

Wishing you and those you love a 
Joyous Christmas 
filled with hope and love. 


Old Traditions with a new twist

Christmas windows at Hudson Bay Toronto

When my children were small we had a holiday tradition that started with visiting the Christmas windows at the Hudson Bay store in downtown Toronto. Our evening out included a walk over to Toronto City Hall to see the giant Christmas tree and I think a couple of times we even stopped to skate at the outdoor rink there.

After enjoying the Christmas lights and windows we would walk a few blocks down to the Spaghetti Factory as part of our evening out. The warehouse style family restaurant is full of vintage decor and is the perfect noisy kid friendly place, and my kids loved it.
It's been a many years since we have indulged in the Christmas windows tradition and we decided it was time to introduce Kya to the tradition. So my two children, my Granddaughter and I bundled up and headed out in search of Christmas lights.

Santa's reindeer at the Eaton Centre Toronto

After literally running around the giant tree at Nathan Phillips Square we wandered along the sidewalk at The Bay to enjoy the animation in the store windows. I love that the displays were a traditional theme. There is something special about the history of Hudson Bay that speaks tradition.

The huge display of lights on the south entrance of the Eaton Centre caught our eye and we decided to investigate the details. What a wonderful surprise.

The mall is outfitted with massive reindeer's that are made up with steel criss-cross cages that encase lights. You can walk under the belly of the reindeer and take pictures beside their legs.

Toronto Eaton Centre - Christmas 2012

The reindeer are positioned throughout the mall and they gaze over the railings to take a look at the shoppers on various levels. The center tree is a magical rainbow of lights that continually change colour.

I have to applaud the choice to decorate with an edge. Watching people stand under the reindeer, children running around the legs and everyone taking pictures..... it was magical. The size and scope of the reindeer is breath taking.

looking up into the Christmas tree

This is a new look for the Eaton Centre for Christmas, and there are people who prefer the Swarovski tree that usually displayed at Christmas. I think it was time for a change and I like the excitement and sparkle that they injected into the centre.

And for a healthy dose of tradition.................. we took one last peek at the Hudson Bay windows on the way to dinner.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

With Thanks

source:  rocketrictiv via flickr

To my personal friends and to my wonderful blog friends,
Thank YOU for your sweet comments and personal emails.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Despite the name of my blog, you {very wise readers} know that life isn't really all that Glamourous. We schlep around in our pj's when given the chance, combat age spots and shop for 'deals' at the local mall rather than splurge on couture.

Right now I'm feeling much less than Glamourous  .............. a bit more like this poor little fellow........

......... in a corner, not wanting to talk to anyone, not wanting to play,  ................ wearing little blue panties  :(  .

Excuse me while I take a break from writing .......... at least until the full moon lifts. Feeling deep blue.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrating and Giving Thanks

As a Canadian we celebrated our Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. The weather was mild enough to consider barbecuing the turkey.
So what do Canadians do in November when our neighbours in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving?
For some of our businesses that connect heavily with the United States we work around the holiday closures - a trade off from our October holiday. Some brave Canadian shoppers head over the boarder to upper U.S. states and take in the holiday sales. I prefer to avoid the crazy shopping days, but have always enjoy my own little tradition for the U.S. Thanksgiving.

I have always booked a 'me' day from work and stayed home to enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Just me..... in my pajama's ....... with coffee....... and usually something decadent like cinnamon buns for breakfast - YUM {so now my secret is out}.  Later in the day I take time to get to work on my Christmas shopping list.
This year I plan to introduce my Granddaughter to the tradition - she loves parades, is crazy about balloons and has inherited our family sweet tooth. Maybe I need more cinnamon buns.

First Macy's Christmas Parade in 1924

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade hosts 3 million viewers along the route and 50 million viewers 'at home'...... and then there are the Canadians like me who snuggle down to enjoy the celebration.

Look at that Turkey floating along with the Canadian Club billboard in the background.

Terrible Turk float - 1930

Times Square 1930

I love the floats and character balloons, over the years they have reflected a variety of current cartoon celebrities. There have been some 'incidences' with balloons over time, last year the Kool Aid Man tipped over - proof that the red fruity liquid really is potent.
The Thanksgiving celebration is guided through New York city by an army of 8 thousand volunteers. This year marks the 86th Annual parade, although the first parade year was 1924. The parade took a hiatus from 1942 - 1944 during World War II.

In 1934 Mickey Mouse makes his debut.

The Rockettes - 1957

The Rockettes have performed their precision dance routine at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade since 1957. Their eye high kick performance is one of my favourites and I am always in awe that the dancers never miss a beat, even while dancing on the street.

Parade crowds in 1959

The crowds line the parade routes stretching their necks to look up to the giant balloons and enormous floats, they listen to the music of the marching bands and the song and dance routines from the Broadway shows. But the star of the show by far is the man in the big red suit. And as with all Christmas parades, he arrives last to the cheers of the children who are promising to be 'nice'.

1946 - Edmund Gwenn who played Santa in the Movie 'Miracle on 34th Street'

To my blog friends in the United States, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tis the season .... to shop.

Santa came to town on the weekend and it was a kind reminder that I need to get started on preparing for Christmas. I stopped by Chapters Indigo store last week looking for a book and I quickly got lost in the Christmas gift sections.

Seriously Cute! 

I love this time of the year; the displays, the colours, the lights, and oh the sparkles.
This year the owl is making his wise mark in the retail design landscape. This little cutie above can be found in the baby gift section. The hat is actually a newborn hat, but I couldn't see myself buying this wise young bird without the knit chapeau.

Owl, hat, mittens at Chapters

I'm not sure if it was the mood I was in or the early and very full displays of great gift idea's, but I left Chapters inspired about Christmas shopping. My apologies to the Chapters team - the images are taken with my iPhone and random re-arranging of items was my doing.

Hope that this inspires some idea's to make your shopping easier, here are a few of my finds .....

Knit pillows make snuggling up on a cold night so much better. Silver penguin cocktail shaker adds fun at your home bar. Candles ..... so many great colours and fragrances. Silver flask engraved 'Candy is Dandy. Liquor is quicker'.

Lined canvas bread bowl.

Cable knit tea cozy.

Reusable glass decanter comes with Belgian Hot Chocolate. Add a little owl mug.

Pillar candles a'la faux birch wood look and an amber glass owl candle holder.

In the Baby boutique these colourful and cuddly pals are waiting to go home with you. Great to sit in the branches of your Christmas tree or peek out of the top of a stocking.

With a book title like that it's hard to pass up.

I love over-scale coffee table books. Chapters has great variety for everyone on your list.

Tall confetti sprinkled champagne glasses.  
Cookies, chocolates and holiday candy come in great packaging that only requires a tag.

I've gifted these leather journals many times - for guys or girls, they are classic. image via Chapters web site.

Perfect for the wine lover and for those who haven't yet discovered wine. Gift it with the teak cheese boards and knives.

THE book on my list. I borrowed the book from our library to read to my Granddaughter, but it really is something that every little girl {or big girl} should have on her shelf. This one is for my littlest Angel.

And just in case the holiday season all becomes too much ............. the message is clear on this journal.

I'm the kind of shopper who likes to see and touch the product before I buy it, but this season I plan to do a bit more shopping online. I like that Chapters has great books {always a great gift} and gift items for everyone.

** note: Chapters did not endorse this blog ......... I just love their store !

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

La Ville Lumiere

source : Glamour Begins at Home

.............. I was thinking about Paris and had to share her beauty.

It was 1828 when Paris began lighting the Champs-Elysees with gas lamps. It was the first city in Europe to do so, and gained the name 'La Ville Lumiere' ...... The City of Light. 

source : Glamour Begins At Home

Paris, she is a beauty every day and at any hour, but the flicker of the lights at night will take your breath away.

source : Glamour Begins At Home

Four years ago Richard took me to Paris and we explored the elegance and beauty. I especially loved wandering in the evening with the lights glowing and could have easily walked until dawn just to drink it all in.

source : Glamour Begins At Home

With a glass of wine in hand, we sat at an outdoor cafe and watched 
the lights dance up the legs of the Eiffel Tower. 

Paris days are spectacular. Paris nights are magical.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


They fought for the freedom of our country, and they served our nation proudly. 

A war Veteran walks to the Remembrance Day ceremony in Oakville.

We stood in the park this morning at Saint George's Square in Oakville to listen to the tributes paid to Canadian war veterans. It was already sunny, warm and glowing out, but when we turned the corner to walk across the park lawn and saw the generous turnout of residents, it felt even brighter.

The Maple Leaf forever.

We stood near a tree full of golden autumn leaves and the sun was peeking through on the crowd. I honestly felt like a kid back in grade school with the lessons about the meaning of Remembrance Day running through my mind. I couldn't help but remind myself that the reason we are all standing here in peace and safety is because of the sacrifices of so many men and women who serve Canada.

Richard and I watched our Granddaughter play on the lawn picking up the leaves and twigs. She's too young to understand the meaning behind it all yet, but even at two-and-half she was excited with the parade of flags, the bands and the man with all the stickers on his jacket. So she learned a new word today - Medals.

Three planes flew over the square as a tribute to soldiers who lost their lives serving our country and to the soldiers who thankfully returned home after the valiant battles. 

 Today we saluted the men and women who served in the military forces of Canada, and think of those who are currently serving.

Thank you for your bravery.