Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tis the season .... to shop.

Santa came to town on the weekend and it was a kind reminder that I need to get started on preparing for Christmas. I stopped by Chapters Indigo store last week looking for a book and I quickly got lost in the Christmas gift sections.

Seriously Cute! 

I love this time of the year; the displays, the colours, the lights, and oh the sparkles.
This year the owl is making his wise mark in the retail design landscape. This little cutie above can be found in the baby gift section. The hat is actually a newborn hat, but I couldn't see myself buying this wise young bird without the knit chapeau.

Owl, hat, mittens at Chapters

I'm not sure if it was the mood I was in or the early and very full displays of great gift idea's, but I left Chapters inspired about Christmas shopping. My apologies to the Chapters team - the images are taken with my iPhone and random re-arranging of items was my doing.

Hope that this inspires some idea's to make your shopping easier, here are a few of my finds .....

Knit pillows make snuggling up on a cold night so much better. Silver penguin cocktail shaker adds fun at your home bar. Candles ..... so many great colours and fragrances. Silver flask engraved 'Candy is Dandy. Liquor is quicker'.

Lined canvas bread bowl.

Cable knit tea cozy.

Reusable glass decanter comes with Belgian Hot Chocolate. Add a little owl mug.

Pillar candles a'la faux birch wood look and an amber glass owl candle holder.

In the Baby boutique these colourful and cuddly pals are waiting to go home with you. Great to sit in the branches of your Christmas tree or peek out of the top of a stocking.

With a book title like that it's hard to pass up.

I love over-scale coffee table books. Chapters has great variety for everyone on your list.

Tall confetti sprinkled champagne glasses.  
Cookies, chocolates and holiday candy come in great packaging that only requires a tag.

I've gifted these leather journals many times - for guys or girls, they are classic. image via Chapters web site.

Perfect for the wine lover and for those who haven't yet discovered wine. Gift it with the teak cheese boards and knives.

THE book on my list. I borrowed the book from our library to read to my Granddaughter, but it really is something that every little girl {or big girl} should have on her shelf. This one is for my littlest Angel.

And just in case the holiday season all becomes too much ............. the message is clear on this journal.

I'm the kind of shopper who likes to see and touch the product before I buy it, but this season I plan to do a bit more shopping online. I like that Chapters has great books {always a great gift} and gift items for everyone.

** note: Chapters did not endorse this blog ......... I just love their store !

Happy Shopping!


  1. Indigo is just 2 blocks from here but since I start reading online I don't do as much damage there. They must miss me, I was a good shopper! Enjoy your gift buying. xx

    1. As a matter of fact Sande, they called and asked when you were stopping by!

  2. Oh I love that you took us shopping with you Katherine!!! I laughed about you re-styling for them : )
    I plan to do a little more on-line shopping this year too. Mainly because I live so far from civilization, but also, the crowds and traffic can be daunting to this 'country mouse'! I went to the nearest big city not long ago and the crowds were already over the top. The idea of shopping in my 'cozy clothes' and not having to find parking just sounds too inviting this year.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

    1. Twenty years ago if someone said 'you will be shopping in your pajama's', I would have thought they were crazy. I'm learning to like online shops.

  3. Hi Katharine, I love Chapters, I am such a book worm!! Have loved books since I could read, and I never have too many...their gift selections are great as well! I am just beginning to think about doing some shopping, and will probably do some on line as well....I don't go overboard, I have a small family and it remains pretty manageable for me...but it is still fun to get into it at this time if year....everything is so pretty and festive and it gets me right into the spirit about now.....N.xo

    1. Part of the fun of the season is the sparkle, tinsel and colour that is layered in the stores. I've learned to get out and done early.

  4. those champagne glasses are my favorite! good picks!