Friday, July 26, 2013

Have a Glamourous Weekend

image : Glamour Begins At Home

No matter where the weekend fun takes you, I hope you have a swinging time..........


Monday, July 15, 2013

Blue & White

Designer Carolyne Roehm's love affair with blue and white has provided inspiration for much of her style. In a book published back in 2008 the designer shared that her love began with her first New York apartment,  she draped the walls in 'inexpensive' blue and white fabric from her then boss, Oscar de la Renta {hmmm, just how inexpensive could that possibly have been?}.

available here

There is so much inspiration around us that makes the romance of blue and white a natural love affair. Whether the look is coastal charm or traditional elegance, blue and white draws you in. Let's open the door on the fresh combination ............

via glamour begins at home

White provides a backdrop to fresh blue and white floral fabric. The dark cane wood headboard brings a vibrant punch to the combination.
via coastal living

Time to revisit a look I once had in my bedroom - blue and white toile. The combination has strength when mixed with stripes and a dark wood.

via decorpad

When the backdrop is blue and the accents are white the focus on the combination shifts. 

curtain wizard

Martha Stewart shows just how it's done and brings a collection of blue and white into the bath.

Or tuck your collection on shelves under the stairs........

Or layer the collection in white shelves ..........

Carolyne Roehm

Blue and white ..... and crystal .... on rustic wood, pure elegance. 

Cadeau Registry

And then there are the pieces that make your heart beat just a little bit faster.........


Double Happiness pattern

via Christie's Auction

Something special for Fido or Kitty.................


Wrap yourself in blue and white print............

Tony Ward 2013

Roberto Cavalli Ming Dynasty Vase Print Gown

The inspiration is all around you.

dust jacket

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Royal Expectations


The paparazzi is not as secretive as the statue of a photographer above. 

It is reported that the Duchess of Cambridge has moved to her parents home in Bucklebury, Berkshire for the weekend to get relief from the overwhelming temperatures at her Nottingham Cottage {which does not have the modern amenity of air conditioning}. Having delivered my first child in the heat of July I can sympathize with all mom's-in-waiting right now.
When you are at full bloom waiting for baby to make a decision on when he/she will to make their arrival, the constant question-announcement to you is 'No baby yet?!'. Any woman at this point in her pregnancy will agree it makes you want to go into hiding ...... anywhere. For Kate the volume is magnified by the world watching.

Prince William gets an early glimpse of the fascination behind the lens. getty images

The organized camping of photographers at St. Mary's Hospital in London began at the beginning of July in anticipation of the royal baby and hopefully the efforts will keep the craziness of paparazzi at bay.

Four parking bays have been roped off directly across from the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's to accommodate select accredited photographers who are permitted a 'spot'. The area is divided into taped out squares identifying the journalist group who is allowed to occupy the space, ladders of various heights are positioned to create a bleacher aspect and equal opportunity.

via o-Paparazzi
No matter who it is facing a sea of lenses and light bulbs, and no matter how 'set-up' for control the situation - it is daunting. Hundreds of people shouting your name over and over........ as if you didn't know they were there. Working the red carpet at film festival in Toronto taught me just how quickly a crowd can grow wild and out of control.

So what does a motley crew like this do in their little taped down square for the days leading up to the 'moment' shot?

Passing the idle hours has included taking pictures of each other taping down the 'spot', playing pranks by selling off someone's ladder, and placing their bets. Like many others in London the guessing game has it's numbers attached to it. I'm pretty sure that the safest bet is that the Royal Baby will not be named Pocohontas {500/1 in favour}.

The royal baby will be given the title HRH Prince or HRH Princess - and will be referred to this way in formal announcements. William and Catherine have three choices for a surname for their children, Mountbatten-Windsor {the Queen and Prince Phillips surname}, Wales {which William goes by}, or Cambridge {the given title to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge}.

While waiting for the new Prince or Princess to make an appearance snuggled in the arms of the Duke and Duchess, there is plenty of time to read a good book. Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby! by Martha Mumford is a sentiment that I'm sure the new parents would willing to convey to the throngs of people outside the hospital.


Local shops have experienced what is sure to be just the start of the royal baby gift and souvenir shopping frenzy. 
Getting in on the act of royal baby products is soon-to-be-first-time-Grandfather Prince Charles. Handmade leather baby shoes are being sold at the Highgrove shop with proceeds being donated to Prince Charles Charitable Foundation.

I have to admit - these are pretty darn cute!

Not to be outdone by visiting Auntie or Uncle in the gift giving department - Beauty and the Bib has created a special line for the royal occasion.



In addition to the 'cute' get in on the act type of gifts, there is an enormous share of so-tacky-I-can't-sell-it-at-a-garage-sale type of merchandise......... like this....

via - available in pink or blue
Apparently the sick bags have sold for those who experience too much celebration of various royal events and for those who cannot stomach anymore {at}. Kate has demonstrated both her sense of humour and solid footing during stressful times, but the sick bag just may come in handy as she deals with the craziness around the birth of her child.

I thought I'd share an image of Kate as a young child, a picture I hadn't seen before. Here Kate is with her sister Pippa and father Michael {in Amman, Jordan where they lived for three years}, both girls have blond hair. Part of the betting game is the colour of hair the royal baby will have, this image would make me sway my bet.
One thing is for sure, both William and Kate have vivacious smiles and their child will likely have the wide dimple grin they both do.

credit: Middleton Family/ Clarence House. Getty Images

Sending wishes for a safe and healthy delivery.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We experienced recording breaking storms two days ago and parts of the city are still flooded and without power {I'm thankful that we have power back}. With the prediction of possibly another thunderstorm later today, we are off to the splash park to run in the fun fountains before it rolls in.
Oh, and there is likely an ice cream in Kya's immediate future...........

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Entertaining Outside

     One of the things I love about summer is the opportunity to entertain outside. Whether it's taking in a favourite restaurant patio, a picnic at the park or firing up the grill at home, it all speaks of summertime fun.

Entertaining outside at home is in the forefront of my mind right now. There is a wide selection of choices to make an intimate dinner for two or a grand soiree into a memorable event. To help you get in the summertime mood as well, here are a few suggestions to put on your check list.

The nostalgia of a picnic is hard to resist. Pack a basket of yummy food, grab a couple of blankets, a pillow or two, and snuggle down with nature. 

Date night can take on a whole new plan when you set the stage for a romantic night on the patio. A table for two with pretty linen and an abundant amount of tea-lights will set a romantic mood. 

No matter who you are entertaining the recipe for a special dinner outdoors is easy. Layer the table linen, add flowers from the garden, keep the meal simple and enjoy the company.

via griege

If you have a covered balcony or terrace, create an oasis that will provide an intimate sitting area and a small dining space. The fresh black and white stripe fabric is carried throughout the space, it is enhanced with crisp white linen and boxwood globes in glossy black pots. The space is traditional and relaxed.

If your space does not have a covering to protect from the sun or rain a large market umbrella on an iron base stand is the perfect portable option.

One of my favourites !                                        via Traditional Home

Black iron patio set is softened with generous plantings & delicate petals.

Who says you have to put the dining table on the porch or veranda. If you have a property with a pretty vista to admire while you entertain, then drag the table out to the perfect spot and set the table.

dinner in the field

Dine in the center of the rustic beauty.                     via xavier nicod antiquities garden

When it comes to style, outdoor rooms are a reflection of your good taste and an extension of your life indoors. Bring your style outside.
Elegant, stunning, simple lines..........


Abundant, elegant, traditional, mystical space ............

Garden Overload by Tony Duquette

Bright, fresh, modern European appeal.................

via athomearkansas
In the past I chose to not have an outdoor dining area. My children didn't like bugs or wasps flying around the food {can't blame them}, so we cooked outdoors and ate inside. In later years we would enjoy appetizers and bevy's on the patio surrounded by the flower garden while off to the side the grill was cooking.

Whether it's pre-dinner appetizers or enjoying the first cup of coffee in the morning, creating an outdoor room to relax doesn't have to be a big undertaking....but it should be special.

create a cozy early morning coffee spot outdoors

Colourful cabana - a daybed covered with white and bright can be created on the porch, the gazebo, cabana, or sitting under large market umbrella's on stands.

Cool, sophisticated, white. Paint it out - all white and add the simple glam.

Then there is the ultimate outdoor spaces complete with pools, elaborate gardens or views that give the illusion that you could reach out and touch the ocean. Even you don't have that on your agenda, they are some of the prettiest properties to dream about.

On a visit to Greece we enjoyed some of the most memorable outdoor dining spaces - Katrin's in Mykonos {AMAZING food experience}, the fisherman's wharf at OIA {Santorini}. But the most outstanding by far was the outdoor cliff dining room at Andronis Luxury Suites.

Dining on the cliff at Andronis Luxury Suites. via glamourbeginsathome

Yes - this is the spot for the wine tasting & pairing dinner. What an experience. source

For me, right now the thoughts of outdoor entertaining are focused on the inspiration of rustic European designed dining and a cozy lanai. Here's a sampling of what is catching my attention.........

A rustic wood table and chairs with aged linen - tucked among the trees.

A Lanai complete with fireplace and comfortable seating - perfect, no matter what the occasion or weather.

Embrace the season and take it outside.