Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summertime Fun

I realized that it's been almost a month since my last post - the one where I was hoping for some sunny days. With a hiatus like that I've obviously enjoyed many summer days.

One of the highlights of the past few weeks is the day I surprised my Granddaughter and took her to 'a special park'. Kya loves when we go to the water park, as we did many times last summer.  But this time she was in for a real treat.

View of Toronto's skyline from Centre Island. Double tier ferry is part of the fun of getting there.

Just off of the shoreline of Toronto's harbour is a chain of small islands, one of the most popular islands is Centre Island. It is a beautiful park area with Lake Ontario wrapping around it and includes Centreville, a children's amusement park with old fashioned simple rides and a little farm. The park was built in 1967 with a turn-of-the-century old town theme.

But the first order of the day for Kya's trip to the 'special park' was taking one of the big double tier ferry's to the island. We parked the stroller on the lower enclosed area of the ferry and I took her upstairs to the open rail area. The look on her face was the same as so many people who take in the beautiful view of Lake Ontario and Toronto's skyline for the first time - she was in awe. Porter Airline jets flew in to the island airport over head just as we pulled away from the dock and added to the excitement of the trip.

Lower deck of the island ferry.

On the upper deck looking back at Toronto's skyline.

There are great rides that are perfect for smaller children and I was excited to see that Centreville has restored and renewed the activities, but they have not deviated from the theme. When we rode on the antique car together I was choked up,  it took me back many years to excursions that I took my own children on there.

Centreville - were 3 year old's are encouraged to drive.

The amusement rides are perfect for young children. Kya drove us around the track in the antique car, took the firetruck out by herself, squealed with delight on the carousel, drove the swan boat with a little help, and took two spins around the park on the blue railroad train {which she insisted is Thomas the train}. There are many other rides and some games at Centreville but these were the highlights of our day together.

Far Enough Farm is a small farm area in the park area that allows children to view a variety of animals. Kya was in full Doctor Dolittle mode 'talking to the animals'. She loved it and it provided a quiet period of time wandering through the farm area.

The trip around the amusement park area on the train gives riders a view of all the fun.

The Swan Ride at Centreville.

The island includes a great park area that is perfect for picnics, open beaches, a splash water park, bike rentals {also a double tandem bike for four}, and canoe rentals. Add ice cream to the mix and it made for a perfect day.

After the fun, lunch in the park and a messy ice cream cone we headed back to the dock for the ferry back home. I'm not sure who had more fun - me or Kya. It was so nice to experience the fun of the park with her, watch her excitement and reminisce about the trips I took there with my own children. I asked another guest at the park to take a picture of us together so we can look back one day at our first play date at the park. I know this will be the first of many trips for Kya to Centre Island.

Hot, sweaty and tired = a fun day!


  1. How fun! The antique car looks like the perfect combo of nostalgia and a good time. Your granddaughter is a cutie. These will be special memories for her as you already know.

    My own two children love hanging with their grandparents who take them from one activity to the next-- doing, seeing, tasting, experiencing. This sort of fun that you've been having has tv & video games outdone for the kids any day. I love seeing people out having real fun like this.


  2. Nice to see a new post from you! This looks so beautiful and fun! I hope you're having an amazing July 4 weekend!

  3. What little girl doesn't love a water, special times together...your photos are lovely...enjoy the summer!