Sunday, December 23, 2012

Old Traditions with a new twist

Christmas windows at Hudson Bay Toronto

When my children were small we had a holiday tradition that started with visiting the Christmas windows at the Hudson Bay store in downtown Toronto. Our evening out included a walk over to Toronto City Hall to see the giant Christmas tree and I think a couple of times we even stopped to skate at the outdoor rink there.

After enjoying the Christmas lights and windows we would walk a few blocks down to the Spaghetti Factory as part of our evening out. The warehouse style family restaurant is full of vintage decor and is the perfect noisy kid friendly place, and my kids loved it.
It's been a many years since we have indulged in the Christmas windows tradition and we decided it was time to introduce Kya to the tradition. So my two children, my Granddaughter and I bundled up and headed out in search of Christmas lights.

Santa's reindeer at the Eaton Centre Toronto

After literally running around the giant tree at Nathan Phillips Square we wandered along the sidewalk at The Bay to enjoy the animation in the store windows. I love that the displays were a traditional theme. There is something special about the history of Hudson Bay that speaks tradition.

The huge display of lights on the south entrance of the Eaton Centre caught our eye and we decided to investigate the details. What a wonderful surprise.

The mall is outfitted with massive reindeer's that are made up with steel criss-cross cages that encase lights. You can walk under the belly of the reindeer and take pictures beside their legs.

Toronto Eaton Centre - Christmas 2012

The reindeer are positioned throughout the mall and they gaze over the railings to take a look at the shoppers on various levels. The center tree is a magical rainbow of lights that continually change colour.

I have to applaud the choice to decorate with an edge. Watching people stand under the reindeer, children running around the legs and everyone taking pictures..... it was magical. The size and scope of the reindeer is breath taking.

looking up into the Christmas tree

This is a new look for the Eaton Centre for Christmas, and there are people who prefer the Swarovski tree that usually displayed at Christmas. I think it was time for a change and I like the excitement and sparkle that they injected into the centre.

And for a healthy dose of tradition.................. we took one last peek at the Hudson Bay windows on the way to dinner.


  1. They look amazing!!
    Change can be a very good thing. Welcome back.

    1. Yes, aren't the reindeer's magical? Thanks for following along with me.


  2. Thank you so much for these photos Katherine. We usually get up to town to take in The Bay windows and the Eaton Centre decorations; but with all that's been happening just lately we couldn't find the time. Now, thanks to you, I feel like I haven't missed out this year.
    Love the new Eaton Centre look! Hope they repeat it next year so we can see it in person. Happy Christmas!

    1. I am certain that the decorations came with a healthy price tag, so thankfully everyone will be able to play with the reindeer's again next year.

  3. I love looking at Christmas windows. They always remind me of my father who was a window displayman for many years. The artistry is amazing. Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Wow, what a great job to have. Obviously he was a talented and creative man. If you have pictures of the windows he created it would be a wonderful blog posting to read.

  4. Thank you Katharine, I didn't make it to the big city yet this busy with things around here....but your photos are great! I hope to get to Toronto to see friends next week....wishing you a happy Christmas and health and happiness always, N.xoxo