Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Changing Seasons

Despite the fact that it is pouring rain and will continue to do so for the next few days; I can't help but think of crisp sunny fall days and a strong cup of coffee at a sidewalk cafe. My choice of cafe indulgence would be in Paris.

Now if Mother Nature will be so kind and bring the sun back out just a little bit longer so we can sit at our sidewalk cafe and dream of Paris in Autumn.

Richard enjoying espresso in Paris.

Cappuccino at a street cafe {in Athens}.           image : GB@H

I am not a good cold weather person; so when the leaves are falling and the weather is brisk, even I can find comfort sitting outside snuggled up in layers while I enjoy strong hot coffee.

A cafe in Autumn on Ile de la Cite - Paris.      image : GB@H

Sweets help to keep the chill out....... it's true {if only because it makes us a bit more "insulated"}.

image : GB@H

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Autumn brings a bit of ying-and-yang to our doorstep; we bundle up in big sweaters and scarves, and snuggle down in a chair on the sidewalk cafe with sunglasses on. The last warmth of the fall sun reminds us that summer may be stepping aside, but she will be back.

Outdoor dining at Hotel Particulier               image : GB@H

Communities all around Ontario celebrate Fall and the fruits of the summer vine with elaborate OctoberFest events. So if sidewalk cafes are not your thing, check your local town event calendar for patio festivities that feature menu's generously laden with beer, wine, fruits, and cheeses. You may be surprised to discover how many of these specialties are produced locally.

I know that no matter what the season or the temperature, I always have my HONEY to keep me warm {and to enjoy the patio together}.

Enjoying the fall patio with Richard in Arles, France.    

Enjoy the crisp, golden days of Autumn and the last few weeks on the patio.


  1. Thank you for stopping in and leaving your most helpful comment. I shall try thm! Sounds like such a fun job you have...........surrounded by shoes. Happy weekend. XO

  2. Everything souns fabulous! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx