Monday, October 17, 2011

Inviting the Inside In

I really love the look of long tall windows, maybe because they are so typical of lovely Parisian homes. Of course the windows are generally set in rooms that have elegantly tall walls, and are typically faced with generous moldings. I love the windows that swing open like doors and have heavy latches.

Windows in my old office               GB@H

It doesn't matter if the windows or long pane doors open in or out, the effect is inviting either way.

The windows and doors are elegantly complimented with shutters.

Hotel Particulier                 GB@H

Windows in bath - Hotel Particulier     GB@H

We are thinking of all of the elements that we want to put in our dream house, and the style of these windows is something we will be attempting to incorporate.

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  1. I totally love french doors and panelling. I would have them everywhere in a new home too. Fiona