Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pink Wonderland Wedding

At the end of last summer Richard and I attended the wedding of one of his business associates. The young bride and groom are in the hospitality and entertainment business, so expectations of a well planned event were high.

The wonderful part of being 'in the biz' is that they could call upon a multitude of professionals to collectively create the perfect look for their wedding. The wedding began with a lush church service at a Cathedral in downtown Toronto. The Bride Cherisse, wore a meringue skirted gown that featured a lace and pearl strapless bodice. She looked stunning and she truly has the most vivacious smile.

The main ballroom was draped from end to end in white fabric. Flanking the head table were two jumbo screens with images projected on to them. The pink wonderland was created with the application of the lights. Richard is the man responsible for the creation of the lights and image screens (he too is in 'the biz'). If you are a follower of my blog you will recall that Richard and I met when I was producing events for film festival and fashion week.

The entire room breathed beauty and was strikingly elegant in it's pink glow.

When guests entered the ballroom for dinner the screens boasted images of large flowers that appeared to bloom slowly and softly before your eyes. Long strands of ribbon with orchids attached to the ends hung over the main dance floor where an aerial artist spun high up in a hoop. The new married couple danced beneath the canopy of satin ribbons and orchids.

Me and Richard

Well it is almost one year later since this Pink Wonderland Wedding, and just this week I came across WedLuxe Magazine with a feature on the magical event. I grabbed a copy of the magazine and brought it home to show Richard the mention of his work. To see more of this pretty wedding and the beautiful magazine visit HERE.

To Travis and Cherisse, we send our heartfelt congratulations on your 
first-of-many-to-come wedding anniversary's. 
May your love stay strong and your life be forever GLAMOUROUS. 

Travis and Cherisse

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  1. Fabulous wedding! Love the gorgeous color! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx