Friday, August 15, 2014

Cardinal House : A girl's dressing table

I have always had a dressing table. A special spot to put all of my skincare and cosmetics, perfumes and little treasures to look at while I applied my makeup each day. I created a skirted dressing table for my Daughter when she was a young girl {hmm, any wonder she became a makeup artist}. I recently took the half moon table that was packed away from my Daughter and set it up for my Granddaughter's room at our house. It currently has white fabric tucked over it until the new table skirt is made {I need to spend some serious time at my sewing machine}.

When you are four the set up on a dressing table is a little more fun. It is not loaded with lipstick, blush and perfume; but rather the illusion of all the girlie things yet to come.
Among the empty powder compact from Grandma, a lip moisturizer and pretty mirror, are the important things. A red foam Rudolph nose from the Santa parade, a mini flashlight that gets dragged around the house to explore dark spaces, un-used makeup brushes for tickling, fashion sunglasses, a picture of Kya and Mama, and a candy box from Amorino that is the perfect spot for hair clips.

I wander past her room and watch my Granddaughter sitting at the dressing table talking to her 'stuffies' {stuffed animal friends} and stroking her pretty face with the brushes. It becomes especially delightful to find the Rudolph nose stuck on one of her toys or her own nose as she gazes into the mirror. True Glamour.

Have a Glamourous weekend.

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