Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Home for a Real Boy

Villa Garzoni, the five story Italian 'Villa delle Cento Finestre' {Villa of One Hundred Windows} is for sale. $28 million is the listed price for the 33,000 square foot, 40 bedroom estate which is located in Collodi - 65 kms outside of Florence, Italy.

The villa dates back to 1633, and is the birthplace of Pinnochio. It is this Italian villa that inspired the story of Pinnochio which was authored by Carlo Lorenzini. The fable - Le Avventure di Pinnochio was created by Lorenzini who spent his childhood in Collodi where his great grandfather was a gardener on the estate.

The Diodati grounds were a 170 year process of building and creating. Waterfalls and fountains create 'a theatre of water that rules the scene'. Lionard Luxury Real Estate holds the listing and feels there is opportunity for a foreign buyer who “understands the potential and invests in improving and increasing the tourism opportunities linked to the classic tale of Pinocchio.”

Richard Lasner Photography

Let's be honest - its Italy {sigh} ...... scenic, historical, iconic, beautiful. 
A home fit for a Real Boy.

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  1. What a truly amazing property! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it! Sure would like to visit it sometime!

  3. This is I'd love to walk in the grounds...simply stunning.
    Enjoy your week. xx

  4. I absolutely loved this K! I had no idea that this is where he grew up. It is a beautiful place and so appropriate for someone who gave us the story of a lifetime. It was my favorite growing up.
    sending hugs...