Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Million Watt Smile

If you follow my blog you may notice that I've posted a new profile picture. There are about a dozen images I could have used and that alone is something I've never experienced before. I always wanted a 'chicklet' smile - little pearls all in a row. I find myself looking in the mirror often the past week. It's not to see if my eye shadow is smudged or my hair needs to be brushed, but is to enjoy the reflection of my new smile.

My Invisalign braces are finally complete. I have retired the little plastic trays that embraced my teeth for the past two years. The details of the process is HERE on an earlier post.
The process took several months longer than we originally anticipated. Maybe my teeth were a little more stubborn {at almost 56 my teeth seemed to have a mind of their own}. New 'trays' were ordered partway through and it was all worth it! I can't say enough about how happy I am with this process and my great dentist.

Before and NOW

This is about more than just having pretty teeth - it's about healthy natural teeth and gums. 
It is about confidence. 

My incredibly patient dentist is Doctor James Vassallo -  {295 Eglinton East in Mississauga 905.568.1988}. He is great at explaining the procedures, and has a gentle approach with a wonderful chair-side manner.

My Daughter is a make-up artist, and she has been waiting for my smile transformation to be complete to try a red lipstick on the new look. That isn't something I would have every done before this process, but I'm excited about it now.


Stacy Curran said...

Amazing! that must be the best feeling. You look terrific!

Catherine Robinson said...

You look gorgeous...definitely a million watt smile ;) xx

June said...

Your smile shines Katherine. I wonder if you know how beautiful you are? I often wonder that about people. I hope you know you are!!!!!
sending hugs...

Katherine said...

Thanks Stacy. It is such a nice feeling to enjoy smiling.

Katherine said...

What a nice compliment from a truly beautiful lady.

Katherine said...

June - ok, now I'm blushing. The confidence is what is driving my big smile right now.
hugs, K

Dixie Pearls said...

Beautiful! God bless!

Lisa Porter said...

Oh my goodness! You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Your photos will inspire many, like me who may or may not have had braces (twice) as a kid and now see changes in their smile. A doctor friend of mine just finished - maybe a year - of wearing the Invisalign and is smiling all the time now! Thank you for sharing your story. Knowledge IS power! xo

Katherine said...

Thank you.
Like your post on Aging Gracefully - it is wonderful that we can share and inspire other people to go for the dream of being a bit more glamourous and a LOT more confident.