Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cardinal House - Master Closet

Pretty things are happening at Cardinal House..........

Master Suite Walk-in closet by Perfect Closets. HERS to the left - HIS to the right.

The walk-in closet for our master suite was installed today. The room is 7 1/2 feet wide by 11 feet long and is just inside the threshold of the master suite entrance. We decided not to put closet doors on the room and leave it as an open room. OK - I decided and Richard nodded through the whole process, trusting me {again}.

I love the white panels and drawers rather than the dark wood. And there may be some different handles on the drawers as I add some other finishes to the room, but for now the simple, clean lines are exactly what we need. Our interior doors are white with matte black hardware, so this offers a cohesive look throughout the space. 

Leaving the closet area open means that our clothes will have the space to breath. It also means that things need to be in order. At the threshold of the entrance to the walk-in we had a small make-up table and the hutches installed on each side of the room. These cabinets ensure that the view you see when walking by is one of better organization. Deep within the closet area are the hanging racks and shelves for folded clothing or shoes.

My dressing table area might look something like this.

When my sister and I were about 10 years old, we received lighted makeup mirrors {see imposed in the photo above}. Our uncle worked for General Electric and gave both of us the pretty matte gold gilded mirror that has five round bulbs. So let's just say the mirror is now a vintage item. I am looking for a new stool for the makeup table and like the idea of the round tufted one that would tuck easily underneath.

Entrance to Richard's side of the closet.

When you are walking out of the master suite, the hutch and shelving for Richard's clothes is the view. I've mentioned in the past on this blog that yes - I do have a habit of alphabetizing the closets and drawers. I will likely be found in this room folding and re-folding things. Everybody gets their happy on in different ways...........

This is what the room looked like at 10 am.

By late afternoon it was finished and not a speck of dust.

I plan to edit before I move things into the new closet and leave room for some new additions to my wardrobe... maybe a handbag or two on the shelf.

Our experience with Perfect Closets was great. I had very specific idea's {shock} of what I wanted in the space, they adapted the plan to fit our requests and offered workable suggestions. If you are in the Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington area and looking for closet options check out Perfect Closets at


  1. Nice! I need a new closet like that!

  2. Beautiful and carefully planned...the result I love! Am looking forward to more! Things are coming together, Katharine! N.xo

  3. Oh my, it's a dream closet! And what a great gift for a ten year old. I had one too, and spent hours in front if it :)

  4. Wow - what an amazing closet. Certainly a place for everything!!

  5. Love the review! That closet is amazing..I wish I had a closet like that!

  6. This would be any girl's dream come true Katherine! I love every inch of this dressing room. SIGH~
    I hope your week is shaping up to be a great one and that much is getting Cardinal House.
    sending big hugs...