Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's trend :: Solar Power Lamps

Doing our part and being green is important. Like most people I want the green products to be effective and still look great; which is a difficult combination to achieve. free-light solar lamps put the big box stores peanut size lamps to shame.

One of the biggest features is that these lamps have over-sized solar collection panels, so there is longevity to the power output AND ...... ta-da, they are stylish.
The durability, especially in colder temps, means that they offer the use of solar to your cottage life needs.

They have large floor lamps, table style patio lamps and pretty mosaic style globes. There are five colours of the globes and I want them all :: can't reveal how many I've ordered ~~ shhhh ::

Canadian House and Home Magazine is giving away a globe ..........


mosaic globe
so much nicer than the little garden solar lamps

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