Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks

Doors in Quebec City, Quebec and Paris, France
Richard and I took a trip to Quebec a few years ago to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the city. It is one of the prettiest cities with its cobbled streets and great architectural details .... and fantastic doors.
Only months later we were in Paris, France exploring the city there. We discovered more wonderful architectural details and more beautiful doors.
We decided to bring the outside in and purchased a set of antique doors from Egypt that are rich with an aged patina. The doors have been an art focus in the last two homes we were in; we placed them leaning up against the wall lit from behind. It looked amazing at night. For now the doors are in storage (pout), as we are in a temporary home attempting to find 'the' house.

Our doors from The Door Store :: Toronto

It brings to my mind this quote ::
'All we're ever looking for is another open door'
                                                                                                                          Kate Bush

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