Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A room fit for a Princess


Six months ago today we welcomed our new baby Granddaughter. She is by far the cutest baby in the world :: I know that most Grandparents would say that, but my Daughter literally gets stopped every time she is out with Baby K. She is like a little beam of light shining.

I had the pleasure of painting the nursery, and I stood in the little room and cried :: I was so excited and filled with joy at the thought of my first Grandchild coming into our lives. I will never forget the warmth in my heart as I stood and looked at the pretty mauve walls thinking of all the adventures yet to come for Kya.

My Daughter and I searched for the perfect things fit for a Princess and decorated the nursery together. And then she invited me into the labour and delivery room to share with my baby girl, the birth of her baby girl.

the sock drawer waiting for little toes to emerge

a colourful little friend

Happy Six Months Baby Kya. 
Congratulations to my beautiful Daughter :: you are a wonderful Mother.

You can never have enough frills

My first hug with Baby Kya

Our cute little Lady Bug

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