Wednesday, August 3, 2016

From our wedding album

I can't help myself .......... more wedding pictures to share with you. These are a sneak peak from our photographer (Margaret Diotalevi, Principal Photographer and owner of Avenue Photo in Toronto).

I was thrilled with how the look for our wedding came together - soft and elegant. Our ceremony was held on the lawn at Holcim Waterfront Estate overlooking Lake Ontario; the dinner and celebration took place in the large white tent on the side lawn next to the mansion house. We had a combination of long and round tables which worked perfectly to create a balance to the room.

There were a few projects on my last minute list that I felt would have given the wedding a fuller visual finish, and although I had planned well for them, they didn't get completed. No one knew that they were missing but me.
But it was only three weeks before the wedding that my Mother passed away. Dealing with sorrow is exhausting, and in the end I had no emotional energy to be creative for the extra wedding prettiness projects.

These lovely photo charms (DesignsbyTami on Etsy) - one of my Dad, and one of my Mother; were added to my bouquet. I had ordered the charm of my Dad a few months before, and at the last minute Tami prepared another one for me.
My parents were with me in so many ways on our wedding day. I sent a charm to Richard while he was dressing for our wedding. A photo charm of Richard's Mother was pinned on to his vest to keep her close to his heart.

 Our beautiful daughters taking a selfie .....
The handsome men in my life.......Richard and our sons.

This beautiful custom made ring box (The Mrs Box) was a gift from my daughter. Such a decadent gift that I will always have.
Cake by La Casa Dolce. Cake topper by BetterOffWed (Etsy).

Flowers by Tanya Nelson.

And, I cannot resist this photo a friend took of my Granddaughter Kya and me. Our pretty flower girl and my sweet little shadow.

Kya and me.

I promise to share some pictures of our honeymoon trip to Ireland with you soon.

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  1. This is the best post ever! I am so happy for you. The photos are AMAZING. I'm so sorry your mom wasn't there to share it with you, but I'm sure she was there in a way. My father got married last Friday, and it was hard without my mom, although I really felt she was there, too. Anyway, you looked gorgeous and I'm thrilled for you <3

    1. Thanks Stacy. I know it may be bitter sweet for you that your Dad married. It is a testament to how rewarding he found married life - and that is a wonderful compliment to your Mom.

  2. Oh, this is soooooo awesome Katherine! I loved the photos you shared the first time, but am so excited to see that you shared more. BEAUTIFUL!
    What a treat to see your lovely families enjoying this day with you. I love the beautiful charms of your mother and father, and that photo of it it pure art!
    You, my dear, are absolutely beautiful!!!!!
    sending hugs...