Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kate Middleton's Style

In two weeks all eye's will be on Kate Middleton when she marries Prince William. There has been much speculation and guessing about what 'the dress' will look like and who the designer is.  One thing is certain, Kate has had more than her share of suggestions.

Kate's fashion style is sophisticated and elegant with a wonderful flirty appeal. Beyond the wedding day dreams of every girl, designers need to take their cue from Kate's personal fashion choices.

Even when Kate Middleton wears casual jeans she has a polish, simple look. Simple accessories, clean line jeans and tops with unrestricted necklines are her trademark :: not to mention the level of comfort these ensembles provide. She wears short tailored blazers often, pairing them with pants, or over dresses and skirts.

Kate's lean figure allows her the opportunity to wear a variety of styles. This long cotton embroidered skirt pared with the v-neck cardigan gives her a comfortable and carefree option to jeans. This is a look for the long and lean figure......... rounded girls would not pull this simple look off with this much ease.

 Kate wears a long silky skirt and baby t-shirt, a great option to pants..... casual and comfortable.

This short A-line skirt teamed with a basic white t-shirt and hunter boots takes on a new fashion look with the simple addition of a wide belt to balance the lines. Simplicity at it's best............... and Kate pulls it off with ease.

The Herringbone skirt teamed with a soft gray sweater and short navy blazer are the simple lines that Kate seems to like best. Kate is young and has long lean legs, shorter shirts are her preferrence and she looks great in them. She wears boots often with pants tucked in our with tights and skirts; it is a look that she wears very well.

When you start with basic lines and simple classics void of ornate adornments, it gives you the opportunity mix and match items within your wardrobe. Kate highlights the electric blue dress with a short black jacket and adds a pashmina to pull it all in balance.

Kate loves to wear boots and she has long lean legs to be able to wear this look well. AND her glowing smile makes everything pop.

Kate's dress style is soft, flowing, feminine, with a sinching at the waist or abs; she generally wears necklines that show off her elegant neck. Kate embraces colour and wears it well. If I was the designer chosen to create her wedding gown, it would have these types of lines to compliment Kate's long, lean shape.

The one thing that she needs help with in dressing is more handbags choices. I have many handbags and clutches; yet I tend to walk around with my favourite one every time and this is something she does as well. Again, it's all about comfort and the process of switching up the bag everytime.

One thing is for sure........ all eyes will be glued to this beautiful young woman as she weds her Prince. And as always, she will be glowing and beautiful.

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  2. Fabulous! She's going to make a really beautiful princess! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx