Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown

There has been much speculation about Kate Middleton's wedding gown; who the designer is and what the gown will look like. The prediction is strong that Kate's gown will influence brides around the world in their choice of wedding attire in the upcoming year.

Kate's style of dress is understated, feminine and elegant. She wears clean lines void of adornments like ruffles or bows. But every girl has a 'dream dress' in her mind and sometimes it is surprisingly different than anything she's worn before.

Thankfully, because of protocol, Kate will not wear a strapless style gown (or at least not without a overlay jacket for the church). The strapless gown style with a meringue puff skirt and strapless style with a mermaid skirt seem to be the predominant designs that brides are wearing over the recent years. It is a style that is over-done.

In 1999, when Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones, the bride wore a simple and understated gown that was so classic that it is timeless. The soft fluid fabric of the gown and the veil brought a romantic flow to Sophie's look.

Just this past November, Belgium Princess Annemarie Gualthierie van Weezel wore an elegant yet simple gown with ruched bodice. The fifteen foot train added a sweeping drama to the silk gown.

Designers and fashion watchers have generously voiced hints about Kate Middleton's style preferences.  Pronovias, one of my favourite bridal design houses, has released their design idea's for what they invision Kate wearing when she meets William at the alter on April 29th. I think the designs are reflective of the styles and lines that Kate generally wears :: a v-neckline, long and lean flowing lines ............. this time adorned with lace. I think these bridal designs from Pronovias are styles that would suit Kate well.

It is rumored that Kate will wear the 'Fringe Tiara' for her nuptials to Prince William. In recent weeks Kate has been seen in public with her hair pulled back from her face and partially pulled up to the crown of her head. The combination of this hairstyle, crowned with the tiara and a veil flowing from the back bar of the crown is my prediction on what Kate will wear on her wedding day.

One thing is certain, Kate Middleton brings to the Royal Family a fresh face and an elegant style.

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  1. I'm pleased to hear that it's unlikely the royal wedding gown will be strapless. The style was forced on us by producers looking to save on the costs of collars and/or sleeves and that's all. Fully dressed brides are, in my view, much more elegant than those with cleavage and too much skin showing. I'm sure she'll look lovely no matter what, though. Best Wishes, William & Catherine.