Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beyond the Threshold

I don't know what is it about DOORS that is so fascinating. No matter where you explore around the world the doorways, especial those that are beyond the norm, can seem to draw you in.
We have a set of antique doors from Egypt stored away at Richard's office just waiting for our new home to take their space of prominence again. I was so excited when we bought them; and yes, I did wrap my arms across the front of the doors for a big hug on a recent trip to his office.  Twelve feet high, warn and weathered, the doors added an artist element to the foyer of our former home.
In addition to the initial beauty and rustic charm, these doors offer a story of family and living just on the other side of the open doorway.

Here are a few Doors of Greece worth exploring..................

On the island of Santorini, Greece

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