Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Since forever that I can remember, I have had Angels and images of Angels around me. There is something that has drawn me in and made me feel comfortable with their presence. I went through a period of time when being surrounded by little cherub type Angels seemed to bring comfort; it wasn't a happy time of my life and I obviously gravitated to the sweetness of little cherubs to ease my mood.

There are two little Angels who have been front and center in my home and who make me smile every time that I look at them. One is in a picture frame that gets moved around but is always in a predominant spot in my home. The little 'writer' Angel is a greeting card that I found about 30 years ago (thank you Hallmark). I love this sketch of an Angel with quill in hand .............. I imagine that she is writing a note of inspiration.

I have had this little 'somersault' Angel for about 35 years. She is one in a series of Angels in the process of performing the fun act of somersaulting. I managed to purchase this one Angel and have tried over time to find the others. She was basic ceramic white and I painted her 'little self' gold a long time ago....... Angel is now complete with boo-boo's on her knee from falling over a few times. I keep this little girl on my dressing table and always have; that way each morning I get to enjoy her showing me that even when your day is upside down you can have fun.

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