Sunday, April 24, 2011

Royal Wedding Viewing Party

The television coverage for the Royal Wedding will begin in our area at 4 AM; and like many people I will be awake and watching. I plan to snuggle on the sofa with a blanket, pillow ...... lot's of coffee and my laptop. I will be viewing and writing at the same time for this historical event.

Many people are gathering together to have 'viewing parties', and although I think that would be fun, I plan to be queen of the remote on Friday morning.
Here are a few things you may consider if you are having a viewing party at in the earlier morning hours ::

                Invite guests to watch the festivities in their pretty pajama's and robes.

                Make sure you have ample lounging space for everyone.

               Provide lush throws to keep guests warm, add luxurious pillows for
               If  you do not have enough soft seating space, layer pillows and soft
               blankets on the floor creating a bed-lounging area that is overstuffed
               with pillows.

***  Ada and Darcy has everything you need to indulge and make your space abundantly beautiful. These are a few of my favourite things. You can shop in Royal style by clicking  HERE.

There are so many beautiful styles .... I want them all.

Add scented candles and flowers to keep the lounge area ambient, and wedding festive.

Start the morning with Mimosa's, wake up your taste buds with orange juice and champagne.

Have an abundance of coffee and tea; use the silver tea service and your 'good china'.

Indulge in Twinings Commemorative Blend Tea.

Set up a formal table or side server and have a full breakfast with hot and cold selections. There isn't Royal Service at this party..... hold onto your tiara and help yourself.

Martha Stewart

Breakfast selection from Goring Hotel.
The festivities will continue throughout the day. Make sure your guests are prepared to change from sleepwear to day wear as the television stations take a break and recap the events.  Put on your best frock and shift the celebration into high gear; don't forget to take pictures of the 'wedding viewing guests'. When the Newlyweds emerge on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, hopefully for a Royal Kiss; you will be freshened and ready to take enjoy the remaining romantic moments.

As the hours of Royal Wedding watching continues it opens the opportunities to change the festivities........What better way to switch things up than by bringing out The Cake. The celebration wouldn't be complete without a few fundamentals :: Champagne and Cake.

Tea at Goring Hotel

For those of us 'across the pond'; we will have been up to celebrate since before 4 am. So once the festivities begin to settle down, guests may need a nap. This little teddy is a perfect parting gift for everyone to take home and nap with, and maybe even indulge in a few wedding dreams. Pip, Pip!

Cheers to Catherine and William !

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