Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm looking for a special Easter basket for a special little bunny. Our eleven month old Granddaughter will experience her first Easter; and I want to find a basket that she will keep for many years to come. My own children had little baskets that came out of hiding each year in anticipation of the Easter Bunny's visit.

Baskets by Martha Stewart

I can imagine Baby K running around searching for chocolate, jelly beans and foil wrapped eggs, all the while dragging the basket along with her.

When my Son was just a baby (ahhh, 30 years ago) my Mother and I took a cake decorating course. The course was meant to be something fun to do, and it was; but it morphed into something much bigger. A simple cake course started many years of cake designs, and then candy and chocolate making..... and a small home business.

Bunny's by Vosge

There were years that I had our dining room table covered with orders for chocolate bunnies, eggs and goodies ready for Easter. My children became accustomed to watching me bake a cake only to see it go out the door for someone else. They also had the benefit of enjoying special treats and cakes made just for them.

Cake decorating is as addictive as blogging, and so rewarding. I learned to bake, to construct tiered cakes, make and decorate with royal icing, buttercream and fondant. The first wedding cake I ever made was five tiers with a fountain (back in the day having a fountain was 'the thing').
After all of the cakes, cheesecakes and wedding cakes I've made, my Son's all time favourite cake is white cake with chocolate buttercream icing :: simple and yummy.

It was fun making hollow chocolates bunny's or Santa's; and then playing with the different fillings for bonbons. The small business gave me a creative outlet and some much needed extra cash while raising my children on my own.

It's funny how something so simple can morph into something so much more meaningful. The wedding cakes developed into jobs as a Wedding Coordinator...... which developed over the years into Event Planning, then into Fashion Show writing and Choreography. I ended up back in event planning and orchestrating of large scale Film Festival celebrations in Toronto. AND that is how Richard and I met.
He owns the company that provided the lights, sound and giant screens for the events I produced. Suddenly my life was happy and sweet because Richard was in it.

Armani Dolci Easter Chocolate - New York

Yes, it's funny how something so simple like a basic cake decorating course could develop into several businesses that changed my life path. And now, here I am thinking of the fun I will have finding that special Easter Basket for Kya; making cakes with her just like I did with her Mommy, and maybe even make some chocolate again.

Traditions are developed by the things that tug at your heart. Our family is rich with traditions and the cycle continues with the newest little bunny in our life.

We are Blessed.

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  1. Hi Katherine,
    You have such a lovely blog. Thank you so much for your visit. I love Easter for many reasons, but remembering when I was picking out just the right basket for my children was always a highlight. I really miss it now that they are grown.