Friday, June 1, 2012

Where does your garden grow

I went past a garden last week that I have seen hundreds of times. We used to live only a few blocks away from this beautiful spot. 

The garden is a part of St. Hilary's Anglican Church {Mississauga}. The corner of the the church property boasts a rambling garden that provides a welcome mat to the hundreds of people who pass by each day. 

When I was stopped in traffic last week and promised myself that I'd come back one afternoon to take some pictures of the garden. 
The garden is thriving in a very busy spot. The property and the lush English style garden is surrounded by roads..... on every side. A cloverleaf of one of the busiest main highways {the Queen Elizabeth Way or QEW as we refer to it} spills traffic into the area beside the church. 

It's not a pretty view looking back at the highway from the church, but the beauty of this well tended garden makes the vista around it a blur.

When I stopped by to take pictures of the garden I noticed just how busy the roads are around the area. 
The other interesting thing that I discovered is that many of the tree's and rose bushes in the garden at St. Hilary's are devoted to people who have passed.

The chain link fence that separates the roadway from the church property is lined with various roses. All of the rose bushes have pegs identifying the name of the rose and many include plaques with dedications. There are park benches with dedications, albeit that I wondered how anyone could sit quietly with the volume of noise from the highway and surrounding roads.

I came to realize that the members of St. Hilary's who lovingly tend the garden are oblivious to the sound around them. Serious gardeners know that once the soil touches your hands it is like hearing a symphony. 

And it is obvious that the flowers in this garden thrive on the volume of a full orchestra.


  1. What a beautiful garden. Love the archway and the roses...gorgeous!!

  2. These photos of this beautiful garden are gorgeous Katherine! I am so glad you went back to get these so we could see it too. So many blooms and I love the arbors.
    sending hugs...

  3. These photos are magnificent! I will always go back to gorgeous flowers for the best inspiration in natural beauty!

  4. Katherine, I loved this post....not only the beautiful garden photos, but also the entire story and your thoughtful words! N.xo