Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dreaming and Reminiscing

Christina at Greige blog wrote yesterday about a possible upcoming trip to France and her words were giddy with excitement. It made me reminisce about my birthday trip to France and pour over the pictures that I took while we were there. I have to admit, of all the trips we have taken this was my favourite.

I don't think you can ever get enough of the beauty that is everywhere in France, but here is a little persuasion for those who already have one bag packed.

All images by Katherine - Glamour Begins At Home

The Queen's Hamlet @ Versailles  

Preparation Dairy @ Versailles

I can't think of a better place to have spent my 'big' birthday than at the Louvre. It was incredible and so memorable. 


Abbaye de Fontenay, Bourgogne, France

Richard and I spent hours at the Fontenay Abbey quietly wandering and taking in the vista. Just to walk the hallways and the beautiful grounds makes you think back to a time when the monks were silently in residence. It was 1790 when the last eight monks left the Abbey. 

Abbaye de Fontenay

Near Hotel Levernois

We stayed at Hostellerie de Levernois, in Bourgogne for a few nights of our travel. The property is beautiful and the restaurant is a gastronomic highlight that cannot be missed.

The restored kitchen with a double wide hearth open on both sides. It was a special place to enjoy breakfast.

Hotel des Saint Peres :: fresco ceiling of the bedroom we stayed in.

We stayed in a one-of-a-kind room at the Hotel des Saint Peres in Paris. I took the image above while lying in bed..... it was incredible to stay in such a historical and beautiful room.
'The ceiling is decorated with a more than 300-year-old fresco, painted by the Ecole de Versailles. It represents “the Virtue” and “the Goodwill” under a cherub’s protective look.'

A trip to France wouldn't be complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower. It was especially beautiful at night when the stars danced in the sky and on the tower for the light show.

I ventured on our trip with a brand new camera taking the regular tourist-style pictures, unaware of the blog world and oblivious to what denoted a good picture for print or publication. Thankfully I took hundreds of images to remember our trip, and discovered that it was a healthy start as a new photographer. 

Every good trip begins with a dream...................of adventure!

all images by Katherine at Glamour Begins At Home


  1. Your trip to France sounds perfect... What a wonderful place to celebrate a special moment... Happy weekend... xv

  2. I can't wait to hear more about the Italy trip you are planning!!