Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Patio Season

 Melenos Lindos Hotel in Rhodes : image by Katherine GB@H

I love this season and the opportunities to sit outside for dinner.
For some reason the meal seems so much more flavourful when you eat out on the patio. 

image unknown

Of course it helps when you have the barbeque blasting with wonderful charcoal flavours. 

lunch on the pier in OIA, Santorini

I think I hear angels sing when I remember this patio experience in Greece.

Just sitting out in the sunshine ........ enjoying the simplicity of boards filled with cheeses and indulging in some wine tasting ............ it's a special treat.

The experience of a meal on the patio seems to encourage the gathering of friends and family. For us it always turns into a much more lavish event than just simply flipping a burger, but I love having everyone together to relax under the evening stars for dinner. 

Lindos, Greece                               image by Katherine @ GB@H

When the sun is shining you have to take advantage of every moment and curl up on the lounge to take in the beauty of the day. 

Hotel Particulier, Arles, France   image by Katherine GB@H

It's always a special treat to wake up early in the summer and sneak out to the patio with coffee {and maybe a croissant} before the noise of the day begins. 

Old Montreal, Quebec                    image by Katherine GB@H

If you don't have a patio of your own borrow a spot at a favourite local eatery. The bustle and the noise around adds to the fun of the summer. 

Central Park Boathouse Restaurant                  image by Katherine GB@H

And then there are those patio spots that just cannot compare, and you make a special effort to take it in each summer. The Boathouse restaurant at Central Park is one of those places with a very special view. 
The outdoor dining experience is about feeling the warm breeze around you, hearing the sounds of nature while you eat and the happy noise that summer evokes.

It's Patio Season -  ENJOY !

Central Park                                          image by Katherine GB@H


  1. Thank you for that compliment on my blog!! I totally LOVE dining outside! The photos here are gorgeous!

  2. Your picture of Central Park is just lovely.
    My son is going to school in New York in the Fall.
    I look forward to spending more time there...

    In the meantime, I plan to enjoy Summer outside...