Monday, June 4, 2012

Royal Celebrations

The celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee are proving to be a dazzling display of pageantry as the world joins in the festivities.

Queen Elizabeth II has delicately married the needs of modern times and tradition to bring the Monarchy into the twenty-first century. HRH is now 86 years old and has served 'her loyal subjects' for sixty years. And while many people are long retired by 86, the Queen doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

Can you imagine how many hands Queen Elizabeth shook {always with her white gloves on}, how many speeches she has listened too, the number of bouquets she has accepted................ the list of repetitive duties is never ending.

I have over recent months viewed many films and documentaries of Queen Elizabeth, I am amazed that she manages to smile through all of the events {although to me much of the presentations seemed boring}.

Princess Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth makes the first long distance phone call without the assistance of an operator {1958}

Leading up to the Jubilee celebrations and now a the height of the festivities the streets of London are filled with every possible representation of the Union Jack.
Miles of bunting has been strung up, mini Union Jack flags wave continually from the hands of happy revellers, there are cakes decorating with red, white and British navy, lingerie designed specifically for the occasion {albeit that I doubt HRH will be wearing any of the scanty styles} and there doesn't seem to be a surface untouched by the patriotic colours.

The festivities continue with a 'pop concert' featuring Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Jesse J. And from the roof of Buckingham Palace, Ska band Madness will sign the 80's hit 'Our House'; another first in royal history. 


  1. great post, she looks so lovely, and has devoted her whole life to this, and has always smiled through it all, long live the queen!

  2. You have captured some of the Queen's most beautiful photos. She looks really good on our new and improved (I hardly want to spend it) Canadian $100.00 currency too. Have a wonderful week. XO