Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Royal Style

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......... and the Jubilee week festivities continue.

When you dress this colourful, you earn the right to have a colour page designed outlining how savvy you are. And when you are the Queen of England celebrating your Diamond Jubilee you deserve your own Pantone Colour Chart.
That is exactly what Pantone and Leo Burnett London did when they teamed up to pay homage to the Queen's fashion forward colour style.

The limited edition Pantone colour guide has been launched and shows the Queen in a rainbow of regal selections.

If there is a Jubilee Celebration keepsake I would want, this would be it.

Colour choices by percentage.

The Queen dresses primarily in monochromatic colour schemes and wears 2 inch heels {at 86 years old}. What does she carry in the always-on-her-arm-handbag? A 5 pound note for the collection plate at church, lipstick, a mirror, a handkerchief, and eye glasses. The Queens shoes and handbags are usually neutral colours {black, beige, white}, riding boots and wellies.

If you look back at images you will see that HRH made stylish choices as a young Queen. The limelight had been on Diana for her fashion style and now on Catherine; but I see the savvy and youthful style that the Queen established early.

The white lace dress that is popular this summer. And look at that tiny waist.

The bare shoulder and lace organza overlay is so romantic. I would wear this dress in a heart beat.

Something you rarely see is the Queen wearing trousers. This was taken after her knee surgery in 2003.

A rare image of the Queen wearing a hairnet instead of a hat.

At the Jubilee celebrations.

The collection of royal jewels, tiara's and crowns is significant to say the least; but like all of us the Queen seems to have her favourites and wears them often. The triple strand of pearls and her pearl and diamond earrings have adorned the Queen's ensembles for many years.
Beyond the assortment of fashions created for the events, and beyond the collection of jewels, it is the Queen's smile that will shine the brightest during her Jubilee celebration.

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