Thursday, June 7, 2012

Skin and Makeup Advise from a PRO


I promised readers back HERE that a professional Makeup Artist would be featured on Glamour Begins at Home and answer your questions regarding skincare and makeup. And since then I have really put her to the test asking a bevy of questions and talking to her non-stop. Well, the truth is that I talk to her all the time - the Makeup Artist is my beautiful Daughter.
But never before has she had me tap into her professional skills and ask so many questions about skincare and makeup. 

Monique has been a professional Makeup Artist for seven years. She has worked with several major makeup and skin care lines specifically, and she runs an independent makeup application business.
For my friends who know me and read my blog, please don't hold my Daughter responsible for my makeup skills. We have sat down twice for her to apply my makeup. It's like having a carpenter in the house and never getting the shelf hung up - we just don't take the time together to do my makeup, or I am away when I need help for a special occasion.
But I do listen to her instructions often and take it in my own hand for application. My Christmas stocking always has new lipsticks and shadows tucked inside, and frequently my Daughter will bring me a colour that she knows will work well for me.

The current makeup trend is to apply a 'natural' or 'neutral' palette. It sounds easy, just wear less makeup. But that is not the way to achieve a natural palette and a finished look at the same time. The natural palette is a technique that not all makeup artists can create well {in my opinion}, but it is a specialty of Monique's.

Meghan at Wishful Thinking asked for help with an updated look, in particular achieving a natural looking lip. Monique has offered two great suggestions - one for lips and one for the natural look of makeup applications.

YOU asked:

'What is the correct way to apply lip liner and then fill it in?'


'Stay as true to your natural lip line as you can. If you are filling in your lips too much it is going to look like you had your lips 'done' {and not in a good way}. If you need to wear lip liner because your lips are not full enough, choose a nude lip liner. MAC cosmetics has some great nude lip liners that I love {a few of my favourite liner colours by MAC are SYNC, Subculture, and Naked}'.

'From the cosmetic line Make Up For Ever, I use Lip Line Perfector {available exclusively at Sephora}, it's a great product. This lip liner acts as an invisible lip liner to help with feathering, as well as filling in the fine lines. Feathering on your lip line happens when your lip colour bleeds over your natural lip line.'
'Nude lip liner is great for any lip colour you use, including red. You do not need to match your lip liner to your lip colour. Using a nude lip liner will give you fullness without looking dramatic.' 

'How to properly apply your lip liner : start from the outside corner of your lip and softly drag the pencil towards the center of your lip. Use this technique for both upper and lower lips. To make your lips look fuller apply a small dabble of gloss to the center bottom lip.'

'I apply my lip colour first and then apply the lip liner.'

 YOU Asked:

'I love the soft natural looking makeup applications, how do I achieve this?'

'If you are afraid that you are wearing too much makeup, try this trick : 
Start with your base {concealer is a must ........ ALWAYS!}. If you normally wear foundation apply it now. Next fill in your brows {details in an upcoming post on how to fill in a brow properly}.'
'After your base is complete and your skin is looking it's best.......... if you like to wear bright lipstick put that on first before anything else. By putting on your focal point first it will steer you away from adding too much colour anywhere else.'
'Now add a soft {subtle} sweep of shadow across your eye lids - you do not want a buildup of colour {blending brushes help to ensure that the eye shadow is even}. Apply mascara for subtle definition.'
'Bronzer gently brushed across your cheeks acts as a blush, but gives a more natural look {sun kissed glow}.'

'If you like the look of shadow and want more definition to your eyes, apply your shadow first instead of playing up your lips.'

'Keep it Simple. If you think "maybe I should add this too" - DON'T ! Instead put your makeup brush down.'

That is how to achieve a natural look that highlights the focal points.

** more information on filling in your brows, choosing the right colour of foundation, what makeup tools to use........... and more - Coming Soon!
Makeup tricks from the artist's Mom: 
'The vertical groove in my upper lip it very defined in the center. Monique taught me to bring the lip liner softly between the groove to achieve a softer lip line. Just as she instructed above - do not draw your lip line.'
'I wear reading glasses - so I put them on to check my makeup partway through applying and when complete. This ensures that I catch any little brush fibers sitting on my skin and blending of products used.'

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